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Intrappola.to - Escape Room

Intrappola.to Valentine. Intesa winning


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If you are tired of the usual dinners Valentine suggest an alternative night and a fun way to test your understanding of torque.
Intrappola.to is the escape game live that conquered Italy: locked up in a semi-dark cell, full of puzzles with only 60 minutes to solve them and run away. You and your "Valentino" you'll have to find out clues, identifying codes, combinations and solve open a padlock after another to groped to regain freedom.
You are an established couple? Solve difficulties together is your specialty? The Intrappola.to room is ready to challenge you and test your team spirit. What will be the percentage of your understanding?
Logic, observation skills but above all teamwork are the essential ingredients to win!
If you are single that's okay! The team can in fact be composed of 2 to 6 players!

The experience is completely new, exciting, scary, exciting and above all fun!
Intrappola.to started as a game became a real successful business: 29 offices in Italy and 3 abroad and a format that has conquered all.
Thousands of the positive reviews of the people of the web of Tripadvisor that place Intrappola.to among the most popular attractions of the cities where it is present (first in Turin, Legnano, Rimini, Piacenza, Aversa, the second in Milan, Genoa ..), the thousands Facebook fans. No shortage of players except the kicker as Andrea Pirlo and PanPers Colorado Cafè ...
Numbers in hand, Intrappola.to confirms without doubt the most important of the boot room escape.
Only 2% of the participants was able to go out and win the coveted spot in the wall of fame of the site reserved for groups that succeed in the task to finish the route.
Difficult ... but not impossible.
Seeing is believing!

If you want to have a taste of the adventure you watch the video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTx8fGcMtiA

If you want to have a taste of the adventure you watch the video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTx8fGcMtiA

Here is the link to a downloadable video with details on playing time and content: HTTP://
Min. 0-2.00 interviews in groups before entering the room Intrappola.To
Min. 2:00 to 3:20, game images
Min 3:20 to 5:19 interviews with squalls after playing Intrappola.To
Min 5:19 to 8:18 interview with Daniele Massano, creator of the format Intrappola.To

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