City Life and Sport

City Life and Sport

Some sport activities related to the city of Venice have become greatly successful events, like the “Vogalonga”: the most important Venetian rowing event in which many Italian and foreign rowers participate. The race on the traditional boat crafts has become the symbol of a burning issue that is strongly felt in the city of Venice: the protection from wave action and the protection of the fragility of the Lagoon.

In relation to traditional water sports, many sport associations organise rowing or sailing classes in different areas of the city, from Cannaregio to Giudecca and Mestre.

For several years now, the Rowing Camp of the island of S. Erasmo provides rowing classes and interesting workshops for children and teenagers, to teach them about the extraordinary and unique natural environment of the Lagoon.

The old but glorious Stadio Penzo is the historical site where the “arancioneroverde” football team has its home, providing opportunities for entertainment and lively debates that animate Venetian city life.

The Palasport Taliercio in Mestre, on the other hand, is linked to the Reyer basketball team, and is a multifunctional structure able to host not only sport events but also shows and conventions.

Outdoor sport enthusiasts, instead, just need to put on a pair of sneakers and run down streets, bridges, and squares. You will often see people engaged in this activity in and around the city: "panting" Venetians and foreigners who do not want to miss the opportunity to jog in a unique environment, motivating them to feel healthy in both body and spirit.

The "Su e Zo per i ponti" and the Venice Marathon are the two best-known international Venetian events. They testify to the potential of Venice in sports, becoming actual "symbol events" of a city that counts on getting around by foot... possibly with your nose up in the air and your eyes ready to be surprised by unexpected beauty.

From 28 Sep 2017 to 28 Apr 2018
  • Conference
  • Temporary Exhibition
  • Public Event
Bistrot de Venise
San Marco, Calle dei Fabbri, 4685
30124 Venezia VE
From 26 Mar 2018 to 27 Mar 2018
  • Public Event
Arsenale di Venezia
30122 Venezia VE
04 Apr 2018 Hour 20:00
  • Public Event
Palasport "Giobatta Gianquinto" (Palasport Arsenale)
Castello, 2132
Calle San Biagio
30122 Venezia VE
From 21 Apr 2018 to 22 Apr 2018
  • Public Event
Centro Sociale Rivolta
Via Fratelli Bandiera, 45
30175 Marghera VE
29 Apr 2018 Hour 14:00
  • Public Event
Centro Culturale Kolbe
Via Aleardi, 156
30172 Mestre VE
05 May 2018 Hour 09:30
  • Public Event
Ca' Foscari Zattere
Dorsoduro, 1392
30123 Venezia VE
13 May 2018 Hour 09:00
  • Public Event
Bacino di San Marco
Bacino di San Marco
30124 Venezia VE
28 Sep 2018 Hour 10:00
  • Public Event
Venezia Città Metropolitana
30100 Venezia-Mestre VE