19 Nov 2016 Hour 22:00
Spazio Aereo

Venice Sunsplash Nite # 2

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Back to the great reggae in Marghera, the Space Plane Via delle Industrie 27/5, definitely the hottest local Venetian in the underground, which is also the House of Reggae, Rasta Snob each month the only Italian magazine reggae and Soulfood Promotions the booking agency specializing in black music, offering the best reggae in the Northeast, once a month the biggest Italian reggae artists, European, African and Jamaica!

It comes exclusively for the Northeast ASHRAFF 30 presenting his new album "Colours and Cultures", Senegal's new African reggae sound. Born January 2, 1979 in Dakar (Senegal), Ashraff 30 takes its first steps under the guidance of his father, a great lover of reggae music. By the great Bob Marley Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff to Alpha Blondy are just some of the artists that make up the musical culture of Ashraff. In 2007 he founded his first reggae group Kayamama Italian musicians. In 2008 they released their first EP entitled "Tambali" which means "beginning" in his native language, and in "Wolof". In Kayamama always with the debut album "ON THE WAY" 2013 public, followed by a highly successful Italian tour. In 2014 the Kayamama rank among the 3 best reggae band on the Italian territory through the Rototom contest '. In May he released his first solo album '' Colours and Cultures ", a disc from the sounds typically roots and the strong African vocal style that makes this album unique of its kind. "Colours and Cultures" contains 11 tracks that speak of love, of integration, of African culture and life experiences in first person to the introspective search for themselves, with my gaze turned to a not too distant future where people of culture , religion, language and different skin color can live together in harmony and serenity.

ASHRAFF 30 is accompanied live by GANJAMAMA, historical band of Italian reggae, born in May 1999 in Milan by a group of six musicians gathered to pay homage with a tribute to the music of Bob Marley. In 2003 he released "Until Tomorrow", the debut with the participation of the Italian reggae important names as members of the United Africa, Reggae National Tickets, Bluebeaters, Casino Royale. They reconstitute themselves and rediscover the old splendor accompanying ASHRAFF in an intriguing musical journey!

The GANJAMAMA are Angelo "Ganges" Cattoni piano and organ, Lorenzo "Lotus" Catinella on guitar, Fabio "Fabolous" Forni, Fabrizio Catinella on bass, Fausto "Fafo" Fietti on percussion and Christian Baghino on drums.
Before and after the show space PAPALUKA from Rasta Snob PULSE Sound and DJ that will warm the hearts and super vibes of this explosive african reggae night at Space Plane Marghera!

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