24 Nov 2016 Hour 18:00

Thisquietarmy and Philippe Leonard

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- 18:00: Garden opening
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- 20:40 hours: End Concert
- 22:30: end of the evening

Thisquietarmy and Philippe Leonard

The two Canadian artists - active for many years in different projects - bring on tour the fruits of their recent collaboration: a multimedia performance that explores the matter itself through which sounds and images are produced and perceived.
The result is an opportunity to see in action Philippe Leonard, son of the great tradition of experimental cinema North American, whose practice of use of the film (16mm and 35mm) led him to collaborations, including the visual contribution to live Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and the pioneering thisquietarmy musical project.
The pair of Canadian works with great synergy on the possibilities of expanded cinema, creating an obscure alchemical combination between images and sound by working directly on the matter and the devices (16mm film, guitar and pedals); the result is a soundtrack of a film imagined but not shot, which arises only in the moment of performance and leads to an open path on the endless possibilities of expression hidden from the image and the sound in their serial essence.

And 'the project of guitarist Eric Quach from Montreal, Quebec, Canada since 2005 when the drone music merges with experimental phonic raids.
In the musical structures of the songs are the most disparate elements: post-punk, shoegaze, krautrock, post-rock, black metal and doom metal. The result is dark, melodic, enveloping and restless. His live performances are hypnotic, ethereal and dreamy.

Experimental filmmaker lives and works in Montreal. Her artistic practice focuses on fixed and moving images using film, photography, performance and installation. Committed on the theoretical and the aesthetic level, it investigates the temporality and its relationships with the physical media that manifest in the forms of cinematic representation. Its particular sensitivity led him to explore the spectral dimension of the physical spaces, adopting a form of documentary film expanded. His work is distributed by Light Cone and CFMDC, and was presented in an international context of primary importance: the 16th Biennale WRO Media (Poland), International Film Festival Rotterdam (Netherlands), Anthology Film Archives (New York), Galerie Michel Journiac (Paris), Festival du nouveau cinéma (Montreal), Exis Experimental Film and Video Festival (Seoul), European Media Arts Festival (Germany), Nitsch Museum (Naples), Struts Gallery (New Brunswick).
After graduating in Film Production awarded to Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, and a Masters in Fine Arts from Concordia University with support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, obtained in 2013 the prestigious residence at the MIT-Media Lab studying with Harun Farocki. And 'member of the Double Negative Collective in Montreal and the Millennium Film Workshop in New York City.

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