23 Nov 2016 Hour 21:00
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Sarah Neufeld | Grimoon

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Sarah Neufeld (from Arcade Fire) / Grimoon

"Neufeld's focused, restless recordings invite the listener to share in the intensity of her ritual as a performer, creating A Necessary and refreshing air of intimacy" (Pitchfork)

In collaboration with Everywheregigs, Airspace offers an evening of intimate virtuosity on the violin strings Sarah Neufeld, a talented violinist and member of Arcade Fire. Digressions violin and electronic implants, classical references and instant hypnotic paint a sound carpet of striking grace.

At the opening, the trip to the Moon of the Italian-French Grimoon. Active for more than ten years in the Italian indie scene, Grimoon are characterized by an unusual audiovisual approach to rock music: halfway between psychedelia, folk, electronic and cosmic drifts with his inseparable moog, the group will propose a concert accompanied by the projection a film in stop-motion, populated by bizarre characters and created by the same band.

Sarah Neufeld (from Arcade Fire)
Merville, Comox Valley, Canada has a great propensity towards music at the age of three years following Sarah Neufel violin lessons, "before I could do anything else". After having approached the guitar, while studying at Concordia University jumps back to the violin, an instrument that will accompany it during the most successful years and with whom will define a personal style and intimate. In 2003 he became a violinist of Arcade Fire, among the most important and influential bands of the millennium, contributing to the creation of the band's acclaimed debut album "Funeral". Subsequently becomes an essential component of the group with the publication of "Neon Bible" and "The Suburbs", collaborating in the meantime with other important projects, from Bell Orchestre to The Luyas. In 2013 he comes out for the prestigious Canadian label Constellation his first solo album "Hero Brother", fragile and evanescent debut recorded in Berlin by the visionary contemporary pianist Nils Frahm: "more than music, a conversation full blown conveyed by a spoken moody, hypnotic , which mimics the typical inconstancy of human communication, revealing a universe of micro-variations on the instrument that is both context and subject. "(SENTIREASCOLTARE).

In 2016 he comes to Paper Bag Records Kartel Music Group and his second album, "The Ridge": in it, the technique of Neufeld and his research on the sound of the violin come together in a rhythmic pop minimalism, imbued by a particular use and intimate the power base and in which the violin stands out as majestic sound that engages deeply the listener through compositional panache, pluriarmonie and solutions unpublished harmonics. The collaboration with avant-garde saxophonist Colin Stetson, with whom he recorded real artistic works, poised between classical, jazz, electronic and avant-garde. Last album of the duo a review of the Third Symphony of Henryk Gorecki, "Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs", considered by the press one of the masterpieces of 2016.

Education Italian-active for over ten years in the French Italian indie scene, Grimoon are characterized by an unusual audiovisual approach to rock music, halfway between psychedelia, folk, electronic and cosmic drifts with their inseparable moog, electronic percussion, acoustic guitars , two voices. Which appeared in the panorama of Italian music with the EP "Demoduff # 1" of 2004, which takes them on tour throughout Italy and abroad, two years later released their first album appreciated "La Lanterne Magique", accompanied by a feature film . In 2008 they released "Les 7 Vies du Chat" (in which collaborate with Black Heart Procession, Dropkick Murphys, Mariposa) and two years later "Super8", which is also accompanied by a short film. Real multimedia project combining music and cinema, on the stage of the Grimoon Airspace will offer a live impressive, assisted dall'onirico film in stop-motion that accompanies the band's latest album, "Vers La Lune", visionary extraterrestrial trip animated by bizarre characters and built entirely by the same band.

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