21 Jan 2017 Hour 21:00

Maurizio Abate + Servant Son

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Maurizio Abate Son and Servant.

At sunset, the lights go out and open the doors of Metricubi: desire and loneliness, a road to nowhere ...

No, we are not crazy, are the two guitarist album titles and experimental musician Maurizio Abate, A Way to Nowhere and Loneliness, Desire, Revenge. All around there are dreamy atmosphere echoes of folk and blues accents, plus the psychedelic madness of matter, the freedom of improvisation and of the inspiring such as John Fahey or Aldous Huxley (whose voice appears in a passage of A Way to Nowhere, Towards The Outside).
The result creates an immense visionary position with an intimate sound world, welcoming, albeit outside the lines.

Maurizio Abate, Milan, is a self-taught guitarist who since 2000 is dedicated to the musical career first militating in a little-known band noise-rock inspired by Shellac, later as a solo experiencing the blend of folk, psychedelia, blues and rock. In addition to being on tour, among others, with Jozef Van Wissem, is able to put a series of collaborations with Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple), David Vanzan and Virginia Genta (Jooklo duo), Massolin (Golden Cup) Ricky Biondetti and Ale de Zan (in Zaire), Jeremie and Mathieu Sauvage Tilly (France), Paul Pasture and Andrea Gullo (Reset), Giorgio Pacorig, Marcella Riccardi (BeMyDelay), Al Doum and the Faryds, Rella the Woodcutter.

Servant Son is the solo project of Nicholas Ferloni, already active in Pueblo People, His Electro Blue Voice, Vultures. Inspired by great musicians like Jason Molina, Will Oldham, Neil Young and admirer of the young American singer Sharon Van Etten, in Metricubi it proposes an intense guitar and vocals live, but who knows that you do not let them take my hand and come some unexpected surprises ...

Event organized in collaboration with AnotherGreen.

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