05 Jan 2017 Hour 20:00
Spazio Aereo

Electronicgirls, Seventh Anniversary


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Electronicgirls, Seventh Anniversary

Venetian netlabel dedicated to electronic experimentation,
celebrates its seventh birthday with three mini electronic live,
three DJ sets and two performances.

Laisse moi pas tomber
Performance inspired some horror movies in film history, by Marianna Andrigo with the pupils of the school "Kairos Dance and Theatre" in Venice.

Live performances
By Andrigo / Aliprandi

Andrigo / Aliprandi collaborating since 2009. She performer, he artist: combine their interest in movement, sound, video, site-specific performances, installations. Their works have been presented in Italy and Tunisia, Greece, Albania, Czech Republic, Romania, France.

Then at one point - Fragments from Francesca Woodman
A window on the world of Francesca Woodman by Alessandra Trevisan (vocals) and Johann Merrich (e).

Alessandra Trevisan: lyricist and vocal experimenter than a decade, press office 2.0 (Live Arts Cultures), is a Ph.D. candidate in Italian Studies at the University Ca 'Foscari of Venice.
Johann Merrich co-founded electronicgirls.org, author of the book "The Pioneer of Electronic Music", active in the field of electronic experimentation since 2000.

Akedia Youth's Arcadia. Polymnestos
Two unpublished Rossa Bertrand.
Graduated in piano at the Conservatory of Venice, the Red Bertrand composes electronic music since 2010, performing as a soloist and within experimental rated searching music ensemble. His works have been performed in Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Bosnia, Croatia.

Untitled_VNZ (extract)
By and with Federico Dal Pozzo.

Untitled_VNZ is an acousmatic concert dedicated to Venice and to its format sound from four continuous and related movements that evolve for a total of 45 minutes. Federico Dal Pozzo, Venetian composer and musician, but living in Turin. He trained in Chillicothe, Ohio, and Corfu. He works as a sound designer for several theater and dance companies in Italy, France, Belgium and Israel.

DJ sets:

- LECRI / electronicgirls
A set with refined electronic sounds and independent ranging from experimental music to techno.

- Plasman 51 / 51Beats
Plasman 51 has released three solo albums on 51beats between 2008 and 2012, of which label is still an active member. He served on the live project Dogs Giants between 2012 and 2014 and the collective Fanciulli Goom in 2015. He has recently published a new album, "Endless Wave", of State Electric netlabel. It 'a collector of vinyl and a maniac synthesizers. As dj focuses on synthwave, the kosmische musik and electronic experimentation.

- Roberto Robidat / 51Beats
Roberto Robidat is a researcher, physical, trapped by vinyls since 1991. From that year does not abandon most turntables, offering powerful set constructed of mixtures of acids and percussive techno sounds of the old school. Shares over the years the stage with international stars (Wolfgang Flür -ex Kraftwerk, Adriano Canzian, Carola Pisaturo, Daniel Meteo, Marco Resmann ...). Always allergic to more "mainstream" channels, 51BEATS founded in 2008.

The online publication will also feature the 7 Deadly Sins, collective album result of a call for free download from the label website.

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Doors opening 20:00
Live performances from 20:30

Admission for members ARCI
responsible contribution: € 5

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