20 Nov 2016 Hour 19:00
Spazio Aereo

Disorgan Trio / Ambrose Laudani / Jam

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- 19:00: Opening Airspace
- 19:30: Body-satt-go, by and with Ambrose Laudani
- 21:30 hours: Disorgan Trio (Martin-Vignali-Romanin)
- 23:00: Jam Session

Decidedly contemporary work of Frank Martin, who at 21:30 back to Airspace presenting the "Revert" hard, by his Disorgan Trio with Vignali and Romanin. Not the presentation of a normal jazz record but, as in the words of Paolo Fresu, of "a work that today is well placed in the new location of a jazz miscegenation not only by the musics of the world, but the human and technological trips in geographies planetary. "

At 19:30, in collaboration with Venezia Tocna Dance Company, a contemporary dance performance with only a dancer and choreographer of the first order: Ambrose Laudani. With the solo "Body-Satt-va", Ambrose delves into his Indian roots and explores dance the chances of finding an inner balance.

Disorgan Trio:
Frank Martin - Guitar / Live Electronics
Claudio Vignali - Piano / Live Electronics
Nicholas Romanin - Battery / Live Electronics

Inspired by the classic jazz formation of 'organ trio with piano and guitar, Frank Martino, Claudio Vignali and Nicholas Romanin blend their passion for electronic music with jazz improvisation languages, proposing an entirely original repertoire in which acoustic and electronic arrays the individual instruments blend into one another in a continuous crossover.

So Paolo Fresu in the liner notes of the new work by Martin, "Revert": "It is a complex work that has no beginning. The impression is the fact that you can hear from the end or from his own half. Its not is work on the traditional melody (although there are references to the serial music but also to Ravel and Rachmaninov), but on the system sound, which breathes of funky, of noise and of course, jazz. So, to quote Schönberg, you music <cancrizans> where the decay of the sound can be the beginning of a new occurrence and this, in turn, can be <splits> inside suggesting a listen in 'random' mode. it is not the work of a guitarist but a complete artist who feels the music with curious eyes of those who perceived in today's contemporary world made of pulses and digital, dialog, communication and improvisation. "

Body-satt-go. He who brings balance
by and with Ambrose Laudani

Choreography, dance and video: Ambrose Laudani
Production: Tocnadanza

"Bod (y) Sattva is a project that was in my head for some time. Despite being raised in an Italian family, the house has always breathed the air of India, a bit 'for the scent of Indian food my mother, a bit 'for the stories of myths and Indian saadhu of which we covered my father invariably at every dinner. that's how i learn the "Bodhisattva" word: it is a Sanskrit term Mahayana ( "great vehicle", 100 AD ) which means "one whose being or whose essence (sattva) is the" bodhi "that is wisdom," used to refer to anyone who has reached a point of equilibrium, lighting the deep meaning of the term "wisdom" it would translate today's day in the word "balance", balance the spirit and the body from the phonetic play here between the original word and Bodhi body, body [...].

Thus it was born my solo that, far from the traditional Indian dance, through a contemporary language tries to explain this desire to achieve a physical balance (a metaphor for the spiritual) to the hope of reaching the suspension.

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