07 Dec 2016 Hour 16:00
Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

Immaculate concert


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The Musical Chapel of the Cathedral of Milan.

The Cappella Musicale del Duomo di Milano is the oldest cultural institution in Milan and one of the world's oldest, continuously active from 1402 to the present. Directly related to the life of the Cathedral, the chapel houses a musical heritage of extraordinary artistic and historical value, consisting of the music written by his masters over the centuries and guarded in the Archives of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo.

The choir is made up of the voices of the pueri and the male voices and sings every Sunday in the Holy Mass and capitulate in the solemn liturgical celebrations of the Milan cathedral, oltrea to perform in concerts.

Don Claudio Burgio was born in Milan on 29 May 1969. After classical studies, at twenty-one entered the seminary of the Ambrosian diocese, for which the June 8, 1996 he was ordained priest.
Already choirboy soloist of the musical Chapel of the Cathedral of Milan, is formed under the direction of Msgr. Luciano Miglivacca, following in his footsteps both as a composer and as a musician, educator priest.
He began studying piano and organ under the guidance of Maestro Luigi Benedetti and continued his musical studies at the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Milan.
In 2007, the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano appointed him Mastro Director of Musical Capella.
He has numerous sacred works for choir, organ and orchestra.
E 'in charge of the section of Sacred Music of the Diocese of Milan and Musicology professor at the Archbishop's Seminary in Milan.
And 'member of the Italian Association Santa Cecilia Governing Council.
Alongside the musical activity, Don Claudio is chaplain of the juvenile prison C. Beccaria of Milan and founder of Kayros dedicated reception in Community structures for troubled teens.

Carlo Emanuele Vianelli has since 2005 organist of the Cathedral of Milan.
Teacher at the Civico Liceo Musicale "Riccardo Malipiero" of Varese he alternates teaching activities intense and multifaceted concert activity that involves him as a soloist organ both as a collaborator and director of several vocal and instrumental ensemble in shows and festivals in Italy and in the major European countries.
And 'particularly it appreciated by the public and by critics as an interpreter of the Romantic organ repertoire and Contemporary.

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