From 28 May 2016 to 27 Nov 2016
Palazzo Zen

Sharing & Regeneration

Collateral event

Sharing Regeneration


The exhibition takes as its starting point, the questions and aspirations of human beings about their livelihoods, focusing its attention on the most basic expectations of the population about their lost space: the demands and dreams that have remained dormant in depths of the mind and never woke up until now.

The exhibition consists of three parts:

1) the regeneration of central urban areas,

2) the regeneration of rural areas,

3) testing of new areas.

The projects range from the inner areas of the city to the outer ones and vice versa, to represent the same idea of ​​sharing, between places and different communities: knowledge, skills, emotions, thoughts, aspirations as well as care and respect for the our common past, looking to the futuro.In this process, which moves from the reconstruction of community relations to the reconfiguration of the image of the city and the countryside, the architect can play an important role, with the transition from a planning / design process led by design to one driven by the action, oriented to communication, based on the culture.


The exhibition takes human beings demands and desires about Their Livelihoods as the starting point. It especially AIMS at the residents simple wishes about lost Their plan: That appeals and dreams are buried deeply in Their minds and never before sono stati woken up. The exhibition Consists of three parts: the regeneration of central urban areas, the regeneration of countryside, and new experimental areas. It can be schematically Represented by a series of concentric circles, going from the city internal areas to the outside and vice versa, representing the idea of sharing: sharing of knowledge, skills, emotions, thinking, wishes, cares and respect of our common past looking towards the future. These projects Represent the process That goes from the reconstruction of community relationships to the reshaping of city and rural images, in cui architects play an important role. The transition from a blueprint-led planning / design process to an action-led, communication oriented, and culture-based planning / design process can give an important contribution to the renewal of social development ways.

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