From 20 Nov 2016 to 04 Dec 2016
Forte Carpenedo

Ragnarök ラ グ ナ ロ ク



"Ragnarökラグナロク" It is an exhibition that can be told in words.
And 'an exhibition that through the works created by artists Italian and Japanese, the ceramic solids, wants to convey an idea for reflection on what the man is capable of doing, of right and wrong; on what can interfere positively or negatively affect the course of their lives, to influence the lives of others.
It 'a reminder that suggested by Shogoro teacher through the meaning of "Ragnarök", a word that has traveled over time, which originates in the Icelandic mythology, only to be rediscovered by
Richard Wagner in the "song of the Nibelungen". A mythology come up in the East, perhaps even through the Hindu religion (recounted in the book of the Mahabharata), now entered the Japanese culture as ラ グ ナ ロ ク.
The warning is not to be interpreted as the end, the sunset, the epilogue but an exhortation to present itself positively towards others.

Opening Party Sunday, 20/11/2016 16:00
Shokuju Party Sunday, 27/11/2016 15:00

On November 27 at 15 there will be the "shokuju party." The Japanese artists will plant a native tree to consolidate the friendship and cooperation, and to celebrate the new lab of clay collettivoC13 kicking off the new exhibition space where they will be accommodated free of charge artists who adhere to their philosophy of making art. the exhibit will be a moment of encounter and sharing, in a perspective in which the art is not a boast an end in itself but a reason to approach and build relationships.

In both dates there will be the presence of Japanese artists.

Italian artists

Elena Lombardi, Stefano Giglio, Matthew Bagolin

Japanese artists:
Rie Miyatake, Satoko Mori, Hiroko Nakano, Masanori Otsuka, Masako Hara, Ayaka Miyoshi, Sanae Nakata, Aya Yamamoto.

The exhibition 'organized by the Cultural C13 - Venice will be Sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan in Milan and Italy Japan Foundation C / O Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Exhibition Space "the fort" Forte Carpenedo - Via Vallon 101 Venice

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