From 12 Dec 2016 to 11 Feb 2017
Galleria Michela Rizzo

The inverted horizon, Ivan Barlafante

Edited by Laura Cherubini


"The upside horizon" Ivan Barlafante
Edited by Laura Cherubini

With the exhibition The Horizon toppled, the work of Ivan Barlafante arises on the faint borderline between the natural and the spiritual dimensions. of three rooms, each is marked by a different spatial situation and a different element.
The first room is dedicated to the land and there we find a sculpture consists of two parts of an elm root taken away by the flood, came to the sea and beached. The surface has been stripped of bark and then sandblasted, polishing one by one, until you remove them, its tragedy. The tree is stripped of his experience, offering itself in a dimension in which every judgment is absent. It 's like being in front of a Haiku, Japanese poetry of only three verses, built by precise rules, a poem of concentration. The other works correspond to the idea of ​​being able to enjoy a work without paraphrase.
No definition of something that demands to be translated. On the contrary, they seek suspension of judgment in favor of what they express. Are made of bark, touches the trunk, glass, silk taffeta ... have square or rectangular shapes. They are not to be understood by analogy, communication, released by the word, through the wonder.
The second room is dedicated to water. In a blue plastic barrel it is immersed a speaker. The possibility of listening is therefore submerged. The sound is audible to the limit of being.
This generates a slight ripple on the water surface waves. It is a sound display process. Something that can not be perceived manifests. A transcendent experience is being staged. On the ground there is a little work with implosive light. The two rooms are joined in the partition wall from a sheet of glass of which we only see the frayed edge.
Upstairs on the third room is that of stone. There is a marble stone circle which rest on one another on a wire of light that subtracts gravity. In the lower order we have the kingdom of Otherness and Empathy, above the size of the Beyond. In the words of Fabio Mauri art it is always "beyond" ... And now Fiat Lux.
The light of thinking embodied in the natural elements.
Laura Cherubini

Ivan Barlafante born in Abruzzo in 1967. In 2000, he created a star map in steel mirror covering an entire square of Prague under the Prague European Capital of Culture. In 2001 he participates in the VIII Biennale of Art in Cairo, in 2006 as part of a four-year project creates and exhibits I Love You at the Temple of Carmel (Roma). In 2009 I LOVE work is selected for the film The House in the Clouds by Branko Schmidt, best first feature at the Rome Film Festival (2012). Over the years his work has
It had the critical support of Achille Bonito Oliva, Claudia Zanfi, Walter Guadagnini, Laura Cherubini, Tullio Catalano, Giorgia Calo, Daniele Arzenta, Marcella Cossu and Elena Forin. His works have been exhibited at the MACRO (Rome), Villa Croce (Genoa), Manzù Museum, the Museum of Gibellina, Galleria Civica di Modena, the museum La Sapienza (Rome) and MUSPAC - Experimental Museum of Contemporary Art (L ' eagle). In 2014 he participated in the Bienal del Fin del Mundo and the next year is among the protagonists of Flags (2015, Serra dei Giardini - Venice). In 2016, the Foundation La Verde La Malfa at the Catania Art Park, has realized the permanent site-specific installation Because I am you.


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