27 Oct 2016 Hour 18:00
Biblioteca Civica di Mestre Villa Erizzo | VEZ

Second appointment with Matthew Strukul

Autumn in yellow in VEZ

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Happy Galatioto meets Matthew Strukul, author of "The Doctors". A dynasty in power and "The blood of the barons". Event within the festival Mesthriller


The doctors
Florence, 1429. On the death of the patriarch Giovanni de 'Medici, the sons Cosimo and Lorenzo are located at the head of a genuine financial empire, but, at the same time, surrounded by sworn enemies like Rinaldo degli Albizzi and Palla Strozzi, representatives of the most powerful Florentine families. Intelligently and fond of the two brothers conquer political power, offsetting a ruthless business sense with the love for art and culture. While the work on the construction of the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore proceed under the direction of Filippo Brunelleschi, opponents always continue to weave their plots. Among them there is also a woman of infinite beauty, but the damn charm, able to seize the heart of a man. Over four years, after escaping in a series of conspiracies, the plague and the war against Lucca, Cosimo going to jail, risking the death sentence. Between murders, betrayals and games palace, this novel tells the saga of the most powerful of the Renaissance family, the beginning of his rise to the Florentine Signoria, in a welter of intrigues and twists involving gunmen soldiers of fortune unscrupulous fatal poisoners, Swiss mercenaries bloodthirsty ...

The blood of the barons
The Free University of Padua, Daniele Capovilla has just been assessed as unfit for a researcher. It was favorite Carola De Marchi, the daughter of the university Baron Carlo Alberto De Marchi, powerful dean of the faculty of law pointing to the rectory. In an attempt to stop his triumphal march he is opposed only Enrico Zaramella, a rising star of international law and faithless husband. Next to personal bankruptcy and the break with his wife, Capovilla decides to concoct the most risky of blackmail but, in doing so, sets off a spiral of violence, a bit 'at a time, involving the Freemasons, a pair of gangsters and psychopaths l' lover nymphomaniac Zaramella. While the bourgeois life of the latter is falling apart and the daughter of De Marchi is mysteriously abducted, possibly by the serial killer who is terrorizing the city with the name of "hunter scalps," the situation at the university rushes. Not to mention that it is imminent the conference which will be attended also the rector, the inflexible professor Maria Luisa Rognoni, who dreams to frame De Marchi and Zaramella to finally put them in their place.


Matthew Strukul is a novelist and screenwriter. He lives in Padua, Berlin and Transylvania. He graduated in Law and a PhD in European law, published by Mondadori The carousel of broken flowers (2014) and Multiplayer Issues The Northern Knights (2015). As the publisher and / or signed the novels: The Ballad of Mila (2011), Black Queen (2013) and man-cub (2015), for publication in 20 countries - including the United States, England, Germany - and optioned for film. In 2016 he published The blood of the barons of Fanucci and 2017 will come out with a novel about Giacomo Casanova for Mondadori.Editor Multiplayer Edizioni, is artistic director of the literary festival Sugarpulp and Chronicae, the International festival of the Historical Novel, sponsored by MIBACT. Professor of ViGaMus Academy at the University Link Campus University Studies in Rome, writes for the cultural pages of the Republic Friday.


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