15 Aug 2016 Hour 08:15
Museo Archeologico Nazionale
Gallerie dell'Accademia
Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca' d'Oro
Museo d'Arte Orientale
Palazzo Grimani

Mid-August: Special opening museums and archaeological sites

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The Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism this year in mid-August will open its doors to visitors of the state's cultural heritage.
Opening doubly extraordinary, since this year marks the festival on Monday, the usual closing day for most of the national culture places.

From the remains of the ancient Italian town in the archaeological area of ​​Alba Fucens in Massa d'Albe in Abruzzo to the works of Carlo Levi at the National Museum of Medieval and Modern Art of Basilicata in Matera, the Riace Bronzes in the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria the many domus reopened to the ruins of Pompeii, by apocalyptic frescos of the Abbey of Pomposa Codigoro along the old Romea road that brought pilgrims central and Eastern Europe to the throne of Peter to the residence of the Habsburg Miramare Castle in Trieste, from largest archaeological site in Europe between the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill to the masterpieces by Van Dyck, Tintoretto and Guercino exposed in the sumptuous halls of the Royal Palace Museum in Genoa, from the Renaissance residence of the Gonzaga Palazzo Ducale in Mantua to that of Frederick of Montefeltro in Urbino that now houses the National Museum of the Marches, from the ruins of the capital of the Samnites Pietrabbondante Molise at the Royal Museums of Turin, the renewed construction of the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto from the remains of the Phoenician colony of Tharros near Cabras, the extraordinary collection of the Uffizi in Florence at the Lombard site recognized by UNESCO of the temple on the Clitunno in the province of Perugia up to the treasures of the Galleria dell'Accademia in Venice: these are some of the most of the sites that will remain accessible in the summer day, offering citizens and tourists a special opportunity to spend an August special banner of a great celebration of culture and enjoy the extraordinary heritage spread in our country.

In Venice and the province are open:

Archaeological area of Piazza Cardinal Costantini Concordia Sagittaria 8:30 -19: 30
National Concordia Archaeological Museum PORTOGRUARO 8:30 -19: 30
Archaeological Museum of Altino FOURTH d'Altino 8:30 -19: 30
National Museum of Villa Pisani STRA 9:00 -20: 00
Archaeological Museum of Venice VENICE 8:15 -19: 15
Galleries VENICE 8:15 -14: 00 (ticket office closes at 13:15)
"Giorgio Franchetti" Gallery at Ca 'd'Oro VENICE 8:15 -14: 00
Museum of Oriental Art in Venice VENICE 10:00 -18: 00
Museum of Palazzo Grimani VENICE 8:15 -14: 00

Informazioni aggiuntive

The full list of archaeological sites and visited museums is available in the Mibact site - Ministry of goods and cultural activities and tourism.

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