From 05 Oct 2016 to 13 Nov 2016
Campo del Ghetto Novo
Museo Ebraico

L'chaim! Culture and kosher delicacies

Ghetto Tour

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Culture, tradition and goodies related to the Ghetto and the Jewish world. You will have the opportunity to meet, accompanied by specialized personnel, a place of Venice with nostalgia and atmosphere and great cultural and symbolic value. It 'also provided a kosher wine tasting: the Jewish cuisine - Venetian is perhaps one of the richest, thanks to the cosmopolitan character that has always characterized.

Learn about the culture and traditions through the very current taste of a cuisine based on traditional recipes.
Visit the Red Tour. Participants will be greeted by a Welcome L'chaim! The 'chaim! Exclamation Jewish, which means To life!, Is used during the toasts as he raises his glass before drinking wine. And so will it be: all together you can enjoy biscuits and typical croutons accompanied by strictly kosher wines. The site is the only pawnshop visit to Venice after being closed for centuries. The visit, which also includes the screening of a short documentary, makes you understand the cultural and historical importance of this place. Even William Shakespeare was inspired by this place in his work "The Merchant of Venice";

Visit the Jewish Museum;

Visit the synagogues. The discovery of three synagogues, the sober outside as sumptuous inside: the Great German School, the Canton School and the Levantine school,

Walking through the Ghetto: history, architecture, characters, curiosity,

The trip will end in the Jewish culture in the garden of the restaurant Ghimel Garden, with the discovery of the unique specialties of Jewish cuisine - Venetian, perhaps one of the richest, thanks to the cosmopolitan character that has always characterized both this community, that is the Republic ' It housed.

The part provides a convivial drink with prosecco and kosher soft drinks and a variety of delicious and varied courses: a kaleidoscope of flavors and fragrances in which the individual facets of the various communities come together through food.

A real fusion food, so fashionable today, which puts its bases on ancient recipes.

Kosher meals are available for vegans and vegetarians.

Informazioni aggiuntive

It 'expected to be present MINIMUM 5 participants,
The exclusive itinerary fee is 55 Euro per person,
For children under 12 years the cost is € 35,
THE meeting point is at the WELL opposite the entrance of the Museum

Duration around 3h 30m

The tour is on RESERVATION: send an email to and we will send all the details and confirmation.

Phone + 041 8478159, 331 5265149 Mobile

The tours are in Italian and English. For groups who speak other languages, you should advise us about a week in advance in order to offer the best service.

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