02 Dec 2016 Hour 18:00
Ateneo Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti

"If Venice ... A fairy tale for adults" of Delphi Utimpergher


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Book presentation
"If Venice ... A fairy tale for adults"
Delphic Utimpergher (Rome, Albatros 2016)

Speakers Marino Niola, anthropologist
Alberto Toso Fei, writer
Will be the author

Venice, who struggles and questions between the glorious past and the present and dogale ominous and ammorbante tourism increasingly stifling and a source of profit on that one who lives and economy is enhanced, is the protagonist of the story noir " If Venice ... a fairy tale for adults "written by Delphi Utimpergher, which develops cinematically in sixteen paintings (plus an epilogue) in the temporal space of a day.
Among the natural scenes of the lagoon city are intertwined with the lives of the photographer Barnabas, his friends Gibo and Alvise, Sara, Sylvia and Nathalie who have to contend with the mysterious influence of the two sculptures symbol of Venice, the "Chimera" and the Angel San Marco, risen to the emblem of the struggle between good and evil, ancient and modern, beauty and vulgarity, development and conservation, past and future, all in one place in the world.
A story "fantastic" that explores with passion and lucidity, history, news and fiction.
An aquatic fairy tale where you breathe the intoxicating and revolting smell of water "running" when it mixes the taste of salt air that comes from the sea, but also a fierce and resigned anger against everything and everyone: politicians, administrators, academics and, First, against the Venetians who, together, they have tragically resulted, with no choices-choices, in the absence of vision and forward-looking perspective, the "death" by asphyxiation of the lagoon city ...
Venice, the ancient city-states, exploited until the climax to become the largest amusement park on stilts in the world.
In conclusion, however, the author launches a message of hope, an appeal, certainly a utopia: the oar, as a metaphor of "slowness", perhaps one of the most valuable assets that we have neglected, could represent a way to the beginning of the resurrection of Venice.

Delphi Utimpergher born in Murano in 1927. Married to Luciana, a father of two, resides today in Venice, a city that abandons begrudgingly
He began his journalism career as a reporter for "Il Gazzettino". Under the direction of Lauro Bergamo he became managing editor of the Venetian chronicle role he held for seven years. In 1978 he leaves the press and start the experience in TV working for the RAI headquarters in Venice at the Palazzo Labia. Even in RAI Utimpergher has continued to work on record, but also the culture and customs.
For over 35 years he was also correspondent in Venice "Il Messaggero" of Rome and "Il Giorno" in Milan.
The profession has been his life and his mission witnessing day after day, the transformation of the city of Venice, from long and thorough reporter.
The theater is his great passion, the film follows closely: on the threshold of ninety Utimpergher Delphi has now experimented with a novel, and he imagined as a screenplay in sixteen paintings and an epilogue ...
As a good Murano has always understood the rowboat primarily as a means of locomotion, vital delicate balance of the Venetian lagoon: this is one of the "Vogalonga" founders that has become the most important international event related to rowing Venetian and has contributed decisively to the revival of the art rowing.

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