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a draft | a project by Valerio Polici

The subculture of graffiti told by a writer became a photographer

"The dominant feature of the ethos metropolitan spettacolar- is the loss of experience. In the excitement feverishly for the industrial production of canned personality, identity disposable, people become spectators of the world, the eternal Sunday of their existence . " (Theory of Bloom - Tiqqun 2012)

Smothered in a sea of ​​images and promises, in the big cities people fully experience their standard of substitutability.

The subculture of graffiti, it is inserted in this context, offering a ransom from anonymity and an escape into a parallel dimension where finally be special. Raids, climbing, dark, adrenaline, non-places: the writers are transformed into modern knights autocondannati to eternal wandering.

A 'mental odyssey among intestinal areas of the metropolis in search of adventure that never come because all possible scenarios have already been drawn.

This is the existential hiding waltz.

Valerio Polici
Born in Rome in 1984, initially he undertook a course of study in marketing and advertising between Rome and Lisbon. Intrigued by photography, without any knowledge start to use this medium to document the nights with his friends writers.

He then began a self-taught path and attended several specialization courses in Rome, Padua, Paris, Riga. Slowly the photography takes more and more space to become the bridge to give up the graffiti and turn into a profession. Began working with major national and international magazines, his photographs were exhibited in Italy, Germany, Turkey and Portugal, arrives finalist at Burn Grant of New York in 2014. He continued his project on writers, following them for five years between Europe and Argentina. In 2015 works in Warsaw with Rafal Milach and Ania Nalecka to the realization of his first book, which will be officially launched in 2016 at Paris Photo. In 2015 he is selected to Naples, for an uneven laboratory Biasiucci Antonio, where for two years through a method of theatrical investigation, will develop a photo project


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