29 Oct 2016 Hour 20:00
Libreria MarcoPolo - Campo S. Margherita

The elephant in the lagoon!

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The elephant - Aleksandr Ivanovich Kuprin and Riccardo Guasco - meeting with the illustrator Riccardo Guasco
converses with Riccardo Guasco, the illustrator Ale Giorgini

A classic of Russian literature for children, The Elephant Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin, illustrated by the talented Riccardo Guasco, is translated for the first time in Italian.

The story is that of Nadia, sick child, powerless and without appetite, asking parents to have an elephant. Sasha's father does everything to fulfill the last wish of her daughter and, after various adventures, manages to bring home the "small" Tommi, which proves to be the most effective medicine.

Translation and adaptation by the Russian Francesca Brunetti and Natalia Lapiccirella.

Riccardo Guasco, "rik", illustrator and painter, was born in Alexandria in 1975. Influenced by movements such as Cubism and Futurism and by the likes of Picasso, Depero, Feininger,
drawing with simple lines and few colors looking for the simplicity of the form and color heat. Enamored of the poster as a useful means of communication at a good education to the image, mixes poetry and irony, creating illustrations to bring a smile to your eyes. His illustrations appear on advertising campaigns, magazines, books, hats and bicycles. And 'happy to have partnered with The New Yorker, Eni, TIM, Diesel, Rizzoli, Baldini & Castoldi, the Italian Post Office, Campo Viejo, Giunti, Moleskine, Rapha, Thames & Hudson, Agostini, Il Sole 24 Ore, Emergency, Greenpeace, Rai , L'Espresso. The elephant is her first picture book.

Ale Giorgini started drawing when he was a child and has never stopped. He works as an illustrator for various brands in various areas such as advertising, publishing, entertainment, social content, books and comics. He teaches illustration at the IED (European Institute of Design in Turin and at

the International School of Comics and the curator of the Distinguished Festival and Museum Urbano Berga, two international projects dedicated to illustration.


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