19 Dec 2016 Hour 17:30
Campo San Bartolomeo

Stop the massacre in Syria!

Presidio / Torchlight for Aleppo

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Monday, December 19 from San Bartolomio 17.30 Campo (Rialto) invite the citizens, students, associations, groups, to take part in a rally / candlelight vigil to Aleppo, to express the desire to stop the war in Syria.

The Aleppo horror is there for everyone. Yet another, perhaps the greatest, humanitarian tragedy since the beginning of the Syrian conflict is taking place at this time, with an international community that remains helpless and with thousands of people still trapped in hell.
The final conquest of the eastern part of the city, an important commercial and cultural crossroads of the pre-war Syria and gateway to the West, by Assad and his allies, Russia and Iran in the head, had been preceded by months of violence and terror . To suffer the effects was mainly the civilian population; women, children and unarmed men who are paying a high price for a conflict seemingly without end. Over half a million deaths since 2011 and half of the existing population in the pre-war period that was forced to leave the country receiving, most of the time, a quite unworthy in Europe. Blood and death as one that, with roles reversed, it is consumed during the siege of the western part of the city, which took place from July 2012, which then saw protagonists Sunni militias against government forces. Even then we have seen the same horrible scenes and the same indifference by the international community.

The Syrian mosaic, the complexity of a war too often reduced to a simplistic "all against all" has often been an alibi to mask the strategic interests and power politics in an area whose instability is functional to those who get rich with 'arms industry and with the wild hoarding resources. The atrocities committed by Daesh in its advance into Syria and Iraq, and in an attempt to recapture the lost territories, the fundamentalism that denies all freedom practiced by Al-Nusra Front (now Jahbat Fateh Al-Sham) and other jihadi forces, l ' Assad's political and military arrogance and its allies, the ambiguities of the United States and Turkey are the many faces through which is expressed in the Syrian territory one big war: the global one. A permanent war, fought primarily by multinational corporations and financial potentates for the expropriation of resources, which in the Middle-East has at this time other lesser known but equally deadly outbreaks and sees the same Italian involved in the supply of weapons to countries that directly fund the Wahhabi fundamentalism, such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen's main character in the bloody conflict.
On the Syrian front we have long chosen a side and who to support: the dell'YPJ Kurds, who have long resisted the self-styled Islamic State, and have been the subject of the reconquest of many territories in the north of the country along with the coalition of Syrian Democratic forces (SDF). Kurdish stations have also been attacked by pro-government military forces and especially from Erdogan's Turkey, which saw in their advance and strengthen a direct threat to the internal stability of his country. The Kurds must fight isolation because the revolution that have implemented in Rojava scares to all the forces involved in the global war, because it represents a real alternative to this model, which has its own in the war and the interests connected with it its constituent tract.
And it is in the wake of this alternative that we need to take to the streets to demand a halt to the horror of Aleppo and the immediate construction of humanitarian channels to allow the civilian population to be able to take refuge in safe places. It is necessary at this time that social movements, associations and pieces of the company will return to mobilize against the havoc of war and humanitarian can regain the public space to launch a clear message in all our cities: Stop the war in Syria, bombing and the massacres that continue to occur, the supply of weapons to the actors who fight it. We also ask the European Union to take on another humanitarian tragedy that has always connects to the war: that of refugees. For this reason it must be immediately questioned the treaty with Turkey that allows it to manage migration flows from Asia to Europe.

We need humanitarian corridors openings safe for those who are fleeing from wars. Protection of human rights!
This is no time to stand still and silent. We fill our square.


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