27 Jan 2017 Hour 21:30
Centro Culturale Kolbe

What is love


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"What is love" is a documentary film that tells the tender and poetic love story of Vanna, painter, 93, and Danilo, playwright and actor, 50 years. In Milan Vanna and Danilo s 'meet and love. they know each other and it suffered a lightning strike. Vanna and Danilo built a pure relationship, transparent, unique, without false morality and unnecessary possessiveness, which involves the body and mind, an extraordinary relationship despite or perhaps precisely because of their age difference. the director Fabio Martina tells their lives to the rhythm of their daily lives, which goes by slowly, at home, while Milan turns frantically.

Vanna and Danilo get up, eat breakfast, she paints, he writes, sometimes walking to the park, have dinner and go to bed as they talk and reflect about life, love and death. Halfway between representation of reality and poetic elaboration, the documentary photographs the temporal dimension of the two protagonists: it is the part of life limited by the expectation of death, is that absolute, marked by love and art that develops in contrast to the relentless and overwhelming pace of the outside world.

COMEDY, DOCUMENTARY - 2017, 64 minutes
DIRECTOR Fabio Martina
Digital - Original Version Italian subtitles


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