20 Jan 2017 Hour 19:00
Centro Sociale Rivolta

"Welcome" Beppe Casale

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in support of the campaign event "overthefortress"

a show by and with Beppe Casales
original music by Isaac de Martin

The story that Beppe Casales brings to the stage starts from Idomeni, the wall that Europe has erected to stop the migration along the Balkan route. Idomeni was for months the negative symbol and nefarious of European migration policies but after Idomeni attention has returned to focus on the Mediterranean, on those boats and the thousands of deaths. We talked for two months, with the campaign "overthefortress" as in good times and bad Southern Italy welcomes the thousands of migrants who land on our shores. We wake up one morning of the new year with the death of Sandrine and the strong protests of 1400 migrants guests in the "ghetto" of Cona, near Venice. Deep North.


- 19.00 Debate
we will talk about acceptance and migration with Beppe Casale and Andrea Gabrieli (activist #overthefortress campaign).

- 19.45 approximately Entertainment "WELCOME"

- 21.00 Pizza in support of solidarity projects of the Social Centre. It is recommended to book by sending sms or whatsapp to n. 3287082999

"Welcome" is a show about human migration. The one that produced the war in Syria has been called the largest migration movement after the Second World War. I think that the theater can not not tell.
So I start with Idomeni because somewhere you have to start. I start with Idomeni because it has become the symbol of what is going on for over a year in Europe, a movement of men women and children who seek peace are in a wall, a closed border. I start with Idomeni because it was the largest refugee camp in Europe. It is the shame of Europe. An insult to human dignity. "
The show was born from the participation of Beppe Casales the active solidarity campaign and #overthefortress monitoring the field Idomeni and the Greek government fields, and the support of 85 producers from the bottom who have believed in the project. We believe that these historical passages should not be told only through the record of the newspapers and television. We believe that theater can return depth look at the stories of these human beings. We believe that theater is one of the keys to understanding who we are, and what is happening around us.

"Idomeni has spread everywhere. Idomeni is that border in which our life meets with the lives of others. Idomeni is a place where you can match or a fight. Idomeni is a fundamental part of our lives. Where we are willing to really live exhibition of ourselves? Where can we reveal to others without fear of judgment? Where we can be recognized as human beings beyond all? Idomeni is the line between our private life and all other human beings. Idomeni is the point where it all starts. everything. "

Project funded by 85 manufacturers from below and developed in collaboration with the March Theatres and Forge Underground. "Welcome" supports "overthefortress" projects, Melting Pot Europe and Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza - Athens

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Admission € 5
in support of the campaign "overthefortress"

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