From 28 Dec 2016 to 29 Dec 2016
Teatro Toniolo

Natalino Balasso



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Natalino Balasso

The Velodimaya is about to envelop us; but rest assured, we are not at stake dire prophecies, "only" the new, highly anticipated work of Natalino Balasso, on Wednesday 28 and Thursday, December 29th (21.00) comes in great demand at the Teatro Toniolo in Mestre to present his latest monologue to 'interior of the IO event are comic, the poster devoted to the author's humor, that fresh, original and which always renews itself.

Velodimaya is the personal "play for fun" of Balasso, a monologue about modernity that becomes a map of contemporary thought among many laughs and healthy thoughts.

It is not difficult to notice that lately the Western societies have returned to preottocentesche disparities. The myth of wealth, ambition for marriage and accommodation on the part of many women, the absence of non-prepackaged horizons in the minds of young people, the idea of ​​privilege as a physiological effect of the public good management, are very present fact, but they seemed so far away from the developed societies. And not only the Western sphere, even the rest of the world seems to live an involution, for example the fact that the companies that have chosen Islam they turn to the more rigid forms of the thought of the world, means that insecurity for the future inevitably leads to the triumph of superstition.
We are returning to the beginning, we are passing through the street.
How can we tell all this without giving in to discouragement? Only the theater can do, through comedy, through the art of laughter.
Velodimaya is a kind of map of contemporary thought, through an indefinite time, in the whirl of men and nations. Modern nations are not nations, they are business. And in all this buying and selling, what is the truth? We sail through the account of the desires and fears of our current fellow adventurers in this strip of land.

"It's been a few years since I wrote my last monologue for the theater. Meanwhile I attended theatrical adventures of more or less strenuous Company, as may be tiring to do theater today to those who do not receive State funding.
I must say that this new work is the result of subsequent rewrites, like a carving of which you search for the measure. I wanted it to be not simply a new monologue. I wanted it to be a new monologue.
Anyone who knows me knows that I do not write for the theater play on contemporaneity. With Heracles Polesine telling the greek myth, with the Tosa and the sturgeon was telling a story almost true of the '30s of the last century. With Galilee idiot I was back in year zero. I have always found tedious the representation that the comedians are contemporary, with jokes about politicians or giornalaro gossip. But I thought there was, because there's always been in the theater, a better way to represent our fears and desires of today. On this I wanted to investigate how best to write a monologue that made sense to his stage work. In which he laughs, because I do not belong to the racism of thought that believes the comic less than dramatic. But a monologue in which the laughter was an almost inevitable result of the story and not an end.
This monologue part of two public speeches: the first is the speech that Colin Powell said at UN headquarters when he declared that there was evidence of chemical weapons in Iraq. The second is the speech that the President of Uruguay Pepe Mujica gives years later, on the occasion of a worldwide symposium on environment and sustainable development. I seemed to me two pieces of theater that tell us.
We are in a mystery where we have to improvise detective to investigate with little evidence available. There is something worse than the lies: are the false truth that you build every day.
This monologue could not ignore the attention that has been created around my video on Youtube. Ten million viewers over the past four years, without any form of television or radio support are the result of a language, that language was considered by many a new language, a form of this understanding that can become an instrument. So I wanted it to be, and so I want it cut the comedy of my new monologue, entitled Velodimaya ".
Natalino Balasso

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