From 17 Mar 2017 to 18 Mar 2017
Teatro Stabile del Veneto Carlo Goldoni


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In a free volume space, the wall plate closes the sight ritual flesh exploding and rebels. There is no dialogue for who you talk below. A mathematician writes out loud, a player speaks and reads and does not understand what he reads, but only what he says. With the wisdom senile adolescent, completely contrary to common sense, it wallows in the enclosure surrounded by the conspiracies. Spy, without being seen, in full life characters who are carried away by events, destruction and delusion along the wall. The silence of death against pathological oratory, a contrast between noise, scratches and resonant words. The sound distorts the remnant of a concept and impoverishes. Space to the manic, diarrhea of the mouth damaged, bowel discharge from the less congenial.

Flavia Mastrella / Antonio Rezza

There will fold too often on the absurd behind, and they make a decision of past traumas. So the lower being seeks comfort in the commitment civil. And with the death of others back to self-love. Between dances, oriental feasts, mourning premeditated you get rid of solidarity, business practice that generates profit. culture even with glasses bends his ass. Who reads a book he is forced to shut up by the writer, the reader buy his silence, those who buy a book encourages and reverses the code of silence. But with the biological mother the game is lost: the skin of his skin, but the end of your.

Farewell third dimension. Explodes the common place, the living do not realize they are prisoners of a monitor, old and young, exhausted by the desire to emerge, found in reinventing the ruthlessness of childhood and adult wickedness. L 'yearning lives confined between the walls, locked in the enclosure, without leaning, claims to know the world, he does not notice the emptiness that fills life. Go to any lengths to support the hierarchy always uses virtual systems that have been seized.

Production: RezzaMastrella Fondazione TPE - The TSI of the Actor Factory Theatre Vascello
Author: Flavia Mastrella and Antonio Rezza
habitat: Flavia Mastrella
Director: Flavia Mastrella and Antonio Rezza
With: Antonio Rezza, Ivan Bellavista, Manolo I die, Chiara Perrini, Enzo Di Norscia

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17 March 2017 20:30
18 March 2017 19:00

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