03 Dec 2016 Hour 21:00
Centro Culturale Candiani

Streifenjunko - West Coast Chamber Jazz Trio

Candiani Groove


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Eivind Lonning, trumpet, live electronics
Espen Reinertsen, tenor sax, live electronics
with the support of
Norsk Kulturråd - Arts Council Norway


West Coast Chamber Jazz Trio
THE Strictly Confidential
Andrea Centazzo, percussion, malletKAT, sampling
Ellen Burr, flutes
Jeff Schwartz, bass

By Californian jazz to experimental sound Norwegian

Born in 2015 from the meeting between the omnivorous percussionist (but also a composer and video artist) Friuli Andrea Centazzo with the flutist Ellen Burr and bassist Jeff Schwartz, excellent instrumentalists of the California, the West Coast Chamber Jazz Trio keeps the faith his name. The chamber size and the jazz component, apparent in the melodic and rhythmic lines, nell'interplay and in a form improvisational always kept under control, are conjugated in the narrative modes, relaxed and colloquial its Californian jazz, not only the historical fifties, but also that of the most recent avant-garde. The trio has just released an album, THE Strictly Confidential, which reads some compositions of the vast repertoire of his leader and is presented in the course of this short Italian tour. The words of the leader helps to understand the sense of the "West Coast Jazz Chamber Trio is without a doubt the most musical project next to the jazz tradition that I have ever met. After crossing in 45 years all kinds of music, composition and direction of opera and symphonic works to new age moments, from pure improvisation for ensemble to solo concerts for percussion, from minimalism to multimedia, back to the roots trying to combine in this project the most diverse musical sources and my experiences in the various fields of research. ".
Streifenjunko is a Norwegian duo active for the past ten years, able to create an imaginative music and vigorous at the same time with a rather unconventional instruments such as the tenor sax and trumpet played, respectively, by Espen Reinertsen (1979) and Eivind Lonning (1983) , both residing in Oslo. The two also play in the Christian Wallumrød Ensemble and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. Their sound is centered on various experimental techniques applied to the respective instruments, selected and matured over the years. The most recent of the duo work also involves the addition of a new set-up electroacoustic. The first album of Streifenjunko, No Longer Burning, dates back to 2009, but it is the second job, Sval Torv, 2012, to give it a truly international reputation. Jim Denley writes in the liner notes: "He creates magic around the big band and, with this recording, my fascination does not go only to their music, however beautiful it may be, but towards the same collective ... to be created is a materiality that never crosses each isolated from the other side, a symbiotic relationship that is more than the sum of its parts ... their sounds are not placed at a particular framework, and the form emerges from the creative process ... " .
Claudio Donà

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