28 Oct 2016 Hour 20:00


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campfire R & B (or weirdo folk)

(Trieste, Little Gem Records)
"It's R & B music played at a campfire. Sung by humans and aliens, in harmony"
Stop The Wheel is Francesco Candura, Also with Italian psychedelic avant-pop explorers Jennifer Gentle (Sub Pop Records).
Best described as "campfire R & B" or "weirdo folk", Candura uses 4-track tape, acoustic guitar and the barest essentials (pitched voices) to create perfectly post catchy pop songs That sing on forever.
And ever and ever.

Stop The Wheel is Francesco Candura, already known for the musical project Jennifer Gentle, produced by Sub Pop Records.
You can define a show "campfire R & B" or "folk weirdo," where Candura uses a 4-track cassette, an acoustic guitar and a few other essential tools (such as pitchata voice) to create the post pop songs easy to hold, of those that remain in the lead for good.

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In these seven years Flat has produced concerts, exhibitions, courses, theater workshops and performing arts, working closely with local associations.
Structured to accommodate the activities of associations and informal groups, Flat Association knockout phase of the Territory through small quality productions that take place at the ViaTorino133 parlor.
The head office is located in an office building, the first floor with elevator and it is a healthy, friendly, safe and familiar; reserved for members only.

photograph of Montserrat Zerega

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