06 Nov 2016 Hour 19:00
Spazio Aereo

Marco Ponchiroli Trio / Repetita / Jam

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- 19:00 Opening Airspace
- 19:30, Repetita
- 21:30, Marco Ponchiroli Trio
- 22:30, Jam Session

Marco Ponchiroli has always left an indelible mark to the Power Acoustic Sunday; three years ago at the premiere in Airspace in the quintet of John Masiero, then last year with the unforgettable, most intimate duo along with Marc Abrams.

It repeats this time as a trio, accompanied by expert bass Alvise Seats and the emerging talent battery Raul Catalan, the repertoire will mainly consist of original songs of the trio members.

At 19.30 we open eyes, ears and various chakras to Repetita, very special and impressive performance in two parts designed by the eclectic Francesco Gibaldi, aka Bol, who come near the practice of yoga to the use of its loops and homemade instruments.

The evening will end as always cathartic jam session; like every Sunday you can get there early counting of a hot meal and a special offer of divine wines!

"Repetita" is improvised music in live looping. Francesco Gibaldi has always used unusual sound sources as input to compose their own music extemporaneously.
For the occasion will be performed two improvisations: - in the first input is given by Sara Affabris, yoga teacher who will sing a mantra by taking a series of Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) for the duration of 20 minutes. The interaction between the two creates what could be a new matrix antropotecnica new age and wants to lead to a reflection on the new millennium religion.

In the second input is an orthopedic crutch used as a multi-wind instrument for a lame performance but aggressive.

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