05 Feb 2017 Hour 21:00
Ai Biliardi


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"A Band Called It" is a trio of Thalia Zedek (As, Uzi, Live Skull), Jason Sanford (Neptune (band)) and Gavin McCarthy (Karate (Band)). Together they made an album that mixes a sound industrial explosive for calm and meditation that only great songwriter known. Although each band member has decades of experience in the alternative rock scene, their collaborative effort has given birth to a work that is both different from anything has come before it, but also the result of three veterans who work in total harmony. And what distinguishes from other contemporary bands is their almost "youth" experience, while showing the maturity of restraint and austerity.

In their self-titled debut album, the E have developed a sound that is both mechanically and emotionally oriented. A combination that the three describe as "soul music for automata." Zedek and Sanford have started working together in 2013, trying to meet the common desire to jump into the music really more collaborative than their previous tests "solo". Moved by the common respect for the other's work, the two have found their strength in the communion between the unmistakable voice and inventive of Thalia Zedek guitar lines, and metal leanings of guitar works of Sanford. Zedek and Sanford have then approached the longtime friend Gavin McCarthy asking him to help them expand their sound. Though McCarthy initially thought to be the perfect bass player for the band, when you're behind the drums, he knew immediately that his agile and expressive style was everything the rhythm section of E needed.

The E go against all odds, and despite having no bass player, their sound is very tight and emphasized on the pace. "Delicate Fingers" is a great example of their inventive approach to music. Each member of the band sings in the album, throwing on the table their own lyrics and melodies. Unlike many bands with multiple entries in which everything revolves around the musical score, and show the voice of each member of the band in their individuality, with McCarthy cheprovvede to some of the most courageous voice tests of the entire disk, as in the explosive " candidate ". Because each member of the band of the specific features and distinguishable in their own style, the E are capable of showing a total control of their own sound, while remaining focused in having the freedom to experiment. The E are planning an American and European tour to support the album output, starting next winter.


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