27 Jan 2017 Hour 22:00

Bucolic Duo Live

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Antonio Ramberti and Daniel Maggs are two songwriters Romagna. They meet in the winter of 2003. They write now ironic and satirical songs for four hands.

The Bucolic Duo was founded in 2005 at a country fair. This matrix identifies them still popular. Since then they beat Italy with their crackling performances. From pubs to theaters, from the town squares, clubs, independent music festival. Collaborate in several festivals of music copyright, literary events and writing workshops of songs.

The musical experience in street festival pushes the duo exploring the comic language, improvisation and typical speeds of clowns. Their shows are strange musical farces, the border between songwriting, comedy, recitals and folk song comedian-burlesque, characterized by a continuous interaction with the audience. Always with a strong vein of cynicism and radicalism, the duo creates grotesque and surreal songs using a deforming language, from Dadaist aftertaste, thus inverting the world to reveal the most uncomfortable and bizarre sides.

In 2008 their debut with their first album, "songwriting ILLOGICAL", followed in 2009 by "COLLONNELLO MUSTAFA '". Since 2011 expands our staff founding the "BAND PASTORAL" kind of small intoxicated orchestra and surreal, alternating concerts in duo and in groups. In the same year they released their third album, "BUCOLICESIMO". In 2012 publish a new work, "LA BEBA". The tour of the Duo Bucolic intensified in all the regions of Italy. In the spring of 2014 they released their fifth album, "FURY LUDICA", entirely produced by Cinedelic Records. After a long concert tour throughout the peninsula comes out in the spring of 2016 "COSMICOMIO", their sixth album, co-produced by Cinedelic Factory Records and The Independent Label.


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