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Gangcity documents the urban cluster phenomenon subtracted from any form of control of legality, in order to enable the re-appropriation processes and care products for private and public spaces. The project aims to reveal the mutual influence between the violence and the geography of the city, paying special attention to the gang as the primary groups that are born and spread in urban ghettos, with a priority involvement of teenagers.

By encouraging a mix of disciplines and methodologies, Gangcity serves an international symposium and an exhibition fotografic in, along with a variety of other scientific workshops and performances. The narrative tone that emerges from scientific analysis of gang integrates with the choral narration of social scientists, architects, urban planners and artists, actors also, together with the inhabitants, of new life cycles of urban clusters, finally freed from the violence of gang through social inclusion practices, instead of repression.


Gangcity documents the phenomenon of urban clusters devoid of any kind of legal controls, in order to enable processes of reappropriation and the care of private and public spaces. The AIMS project to reveal the reciprocal influence between the violence and geography of cities, paying Particular attention to the gangs as primary groups born in, and spread Throughout the urban ghettos, Predominantly through the involvement of teenagers.

Encouraging a mix of disciplines and methodologies, Gangcity will be staging an international symposium and a photography exhibition and Additions to a variety of events and scientific workshops. The narrative tone That Emerges from the scientific analysis of the gangs complements the narration of social scientists, architects, urbanists and artists, who, along with the Inhabitants, are Also new players in the life cycles of urban clusters. However they've Been finally freed from gang violence through socially inclusive practices rather than repression.

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Promoter: DIST - Interuniversity Department of Science, Planning and Policies of Land, Turin


Friday and Saturday 11:00 to 20:00 from 28 May to 24 September

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