27 Jan 2017 Hour 18:00
Centro Sociale Rivolta

Mexico and Zapatismo

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The Association Ya Basta! Edi Bese! It invites you to

MEXICO AND Zapatismo
Since bajar la mirada


- 18.00:
Presentation of the book "INDIOS WITHOUT RE. Conversations with the Zapatistas of autonomy and resistance" by and with Orsetta Bellani, freelance journalist and editor of the blog SobreAmericaLatina.

Indians without a king has the merit of telling the Zapatista resistance path regardless of Marcos. Sure, Subcomandante has had and still has a major role (now in Galeano robes) in being able to lead the indigenous revolution but is characterized by its stretches libertarians. Moreover, precisely Marcos, from the beginning, had warned the same revolutionary left by the cult of the individual, "no longer necessary in a movement that believes in the low power and obeying, and whose leadership is no longer mestizo but indigenous. "

- 19.00:
Stories and pictures from ConCiencias Festival por la Humanidad with Andrea Cegna, journalist, activist and editor of the blog 20zln.

"For us, the Zapatistas and Zapatista, today began our long journey, searching for the others and those others with whom we think we have a great responsibility to defend and save the world in which we live, arts and artists, and scientists and science peoples originate with those who are lower in the whole world. "

- 20.30:
Social dinner offered by the Osteria del Rivolta for the project ¡Que run the Voz! in support of Community Radio Caracol of La Realidad.

(For dinner reservation is required, the cost is € 15 per person, to book for contact 3409653289).

Followed by DJ-Set

The rebeldía Zapatista insurrection in over 20 years, including hydra capitalist and the construction of autonomy resistance.

The last twenty years of movement have been unquestionably marked by the arrival on the political scene Mexican and international of the Zapatistas. Their ¡YA BASTA! with which insurgents are the dawn of January 1, 1994 (date of entry into force of NAFTA, the free trade agreement between Mexico and North America), has made the earth tremble.

It has been over twenty years since that historic date, years in which the Zapatistas have not only withstood the attacks of the Mexican political and military misrule, but are also able to build and defend the real paths of autonomy and independence.

On 14 October 2016, by indigenous lands and rebels it came another roar, perhaps less listened but surely just as important: QUE RETIEMBLE EN SUS CENTROS LA TIERRA is the cry full of courage and strength with which the Zapatistas are challenging the monster, quell'Idra capitalist who is reducing dying not only the native peoples of Mexico but all of humanity.

And the challenge this time is not the rifle but to take part, together with the Congreso Nacional Indigena in the presidential elections of 2018 with an indigenous woman, that she who in Mexico capitalist and ultra macho represents the pain and gender violence suffered but also the courage and tenacity of those who fight and not give up.

It may seem like a step back, it may seem an absurd and inconsistent choice may seem a betrayal of revolutionary ideals but it is not any of it.

It's a ride, is a milestone in the construction of autonomy, it is the indigenous attempt to organize from below another path, out of the norm and the official policy, the de arriba, one that looks down only when he needs votes.

If politically these are the steps taken by the Zapatistas, the real autonomy plan the last two Festivals, the COMPARTE and ConCiencias, is the measure of the change and the efforts of the Zapatistas to build not only autonomy but also the know shared within the rebel communities. Arts and (Co) Sciences have a fundamental role in this endeavor but aspires to build the alternative to neoliberalism.

This Strolling wondering will talk on Friday 27th at Centro Sociale Rivolta Marghera with an evening dedicated entirely to Zapatismo.


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