From 18 Feb 2017 to 28 Feb 2017
Piazza Ferretto

Mestre Carnival Street Show


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Art and entertainment in the streets of the city.

THE CARNIVAL OF MESTRE will celebrate the art and entertainment in the streets of the city.

Piazza Ferretto will be set up with a stage colorful created by the skilled hands of the historic production designer of the Teatro La Fenice.

During the period of Carnival in the streets of Mestre will be animated with shows of Art Street, the engaging music of a marching band unleashed in fun clowning performances, to the amazing circus arts performance.

The Mestre Carnival Street Show will start Saturday, February 18 at 15:30, Sunday 19 to continue with a dual appointment in the morning between 11:00 and again from 15:30 afternoon.

Subsequent appointments with Mestre Carnival Street Show are expected over the weekend grease, from Saturday 25 to Tuesday 28 February.

In addition to the rich program of street art, during the days of Carnival Street Mestre Show on Ferretto Square will stage the shows scheduled each hour, from 16:00 until 19:00. Followed by live music from 19 to 20.

Do not miss the long-awaited appointment with the Donkey's Flight for Sunday, February 26.

In addition to an exciting air show, this edition will be enriched by the presence of real donkeys that will animate the streets of Mestre, in a nice and unusual parade to Piazza Ferretto, then giving the opportunity for children to climb and experience the thrill of a walk on the donkey.

For children the back of the mask more Beautiful, with the competition fun and colorful parades Sunday Competition 19 and Sunday, February 26th, and the final with prizes Tuesday, February 26.

The Mestre Carnival Street Show during the oily week will become the stage even two amazing live concerts, on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 February.


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