02 Oct 2016 Hour 10:00
Campo San Giacomo dall'Orio



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It 's back the festival of the beautiful things in C ampo Saint James of Orio.

Sunday, October 2

- 10:00

Yoga on the field, ashtanga yoga
with Cristina Innocenti.
practice open to all voluntary donations. The proceeds will go to charity. Info and reservations: 3485316676

Laboratory of baskets and wooden games with master Sandro Milan

Paper laboratory made by hand with Nicolas Magnant and Alberto Luparelli

What a story the garden! Adventurous tales and shared the vegetable laboratories Campo San Giacomo, (replication from 16 to 17)

- 11:30

Reading "spaces and contexts of the city" by the City Pact Aware

- 12:00

Traveling exhibition of 315 Russian dolls painted by 46 Hispanic-American artists, curated the project 7 moons

- 13:00

Collective and ethnic music picnic with Dj Albara

- 15:00

Get on board the boat (or gondola from parada) The association Caicio to discover its history and explore the canals around the island of St. James.
Boarding every hour from 15 to 18, from the Campiello del Piovan.

- 16:00

Workshop for children,
aerial fabrics edited by Revolvers
Simultaneous chess master held by Alaster Pechy

Printing workshop in the field by the false bottom

With our voice that of others. Readings in the field with Francesco Giusti, Rita degli Esposti and John Gian.

- 17:30

Spoonfull concert, live blues
Revolvers, aerial fabrics. Live performances

- 20:00

"Please do plan",
directed by Maura Viola independent documentary in collaboration with Elisa Mion, Damiano Ascenzi, Laura Gatta.

- 21:00

Concert of the Black plate, afrobeat

Will be present in the field throughout the day:
barter, associations About, Awai, double bottom.
Nacasona, ART IN THE FIELD with Noemí Carrau
The Association Poveglia for All with a small banquet in Campo San Giacomo dell'Orio and held open the nearby exhibition center in Ruga Bella. In our Showcase you can view the materials collected and processed by the Association in these years, and you can get an idea of ​​how Poveglia appears today.


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