21 Dec 2016 Hour 22:00
Ai Biliardi

Woman in defense

play Paola Brolati

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The show is a kind of the participants staged self-defense manual through a series of short sketches, which proposes to deal with the issue as possible lightness.
Drawing on the experience of participants, from current events and clichés (mom tips, proverbs, prejudices, rumors), and especially by some manuals on the subject, we have identified signs and episodes of daily violence: not only physical, but also thin, psychological; we explored effective self-defense techniques and we have invented the ironic and grotesque. All structured sketch, as a practical demonstration.
The group is made up of a dozen actresses. The show is the result of a workshop with a group of women who for years have embarked on a path of theatrical training, led by Paola Brolati.

Paola Brolati
Degree in English at Ca 'Foscari, is a professional actress since 1989.
Formed at the Teatro Avogaria Venice, since 1989 is mainly solo actress, while acting occasionally with colleagues. You local companies director. He starred in productions of the Teatro Fondamenta Nove and the Stabile del Veneto.
It conducts theater workshops, with a focus on social issues (women's condition, mental health, children at risk, prisoners, disabled, elderly).
He has publications and awards as an actress, author and playwright.

- 2014 first prize for theatrical shorts Academy of Theatre in the Venetian language,
- 2014 first prize "Outposts copyright", National Theatre notice women of Florence.
- 2015, first prize in the national contest "Catcher in the Rye" for poetry, Lucca.

A movie theater, is "Bread and Tulips" by Silvio Soldini (1999), "Errand of Mercy" by Francesco Lagi (2011), "Things of this world" by Francesco Patierno (2011), "Effie" by Richard Laxton ( 2012), "Pizza and dates" Fariborz Kamkari (2013), "Bracos de fero" of Osnei de Lima.
He manages, with fellow trail, the association and the small "Fuoriposto" theater in Mestre and the association "Mont de Vie" in Belluno.


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