From 28 Oct 2016 to 30 Oct 2016
Teatro a l'Avogaria

Welcome Lenin!


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A performance by 'The Last Metro' and 'Indian Theatre' directed by Maurizio Esposito assistant director Elena Sartorello
with Nicholas Rossi, Alessandro Esposito, Victor Lora and Mario Esposito with the participation 'extraordinary' by Salvatore Esposito

"Welcome Lenin! - Born Marxists, Leninists will become "for
Mario Esposito direction is a tragicomic metaphor about the fall of communism, on which it is poorly reflected, and the figure of Lenin, the protagonist of '900 biggest revolution and inspired by a visit that the director made the Mausoleum of Lenin in 1995 when he found himself alone in front of the embalmed body of Lenin. The story dealt with in the show is loosely based on "The Embalmer" by Renzo Rosso and is held precisely at the Mausoleum, as empty as the desert of ideologies, and imagines a conversation between the officer embalmer of Lenin, who every two years ago " the coupon "to the body on behalf of the" party ", and has the opportunity, he common man, to confront the highest body of the '900. The Embalmer confesses. Tells of his miserable life but also asks realize what was the revolution, reproaches him the massacres and the cruelty that the revolution has resulted and the horrors of Moscow today where the people live in severe economic difficulties and where there is corruption, drugs, prostitution and mafia. When Lenin's mummy crumbles, it pulverizes before his eyes, the embalmer is terrified. Waiting for him to Siberia or escape to London and anoint birds. It has a unique chance for redemption: imbalsamarsi himself and take the place of Lenin in the mausoleum shrine and expose themselves to the curiosity of tourists. The show has an appendage comic and covers an unlikely game of chess, played in Capri, between Lenin and Groucho Marx. Actually a chess game, a real ideological clash with dramatic consequences, there really was in Capri in 1908, but between Lenin and the Russian philosopher Alexander Bogdanov, under the watchful eye of the owner, the great writer Russian Maxim Gorky. Just in Capri fact, tourist island par excellence, Gorky had established a school of young revolutionary communists ready to take power once won the revolution, but that's another story. Lenin's character is played by young actor Nicholas Rossi. With him on stage Alessandro Esposito, Victor Lora and the director Mario Esposito. Assistant director Elena Sartorello and also participation "extraordinary" by Salvatore Esposito

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Friday 28 and Saturday, October 29, 2016, 21:00
Sunday, October 30, 2016, 18:00

041.0991967 | 335.372889

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