From 20 Jan 2017 to 22 Jan 2017
Teatro Toniolo

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Gathered artists
GIULIA MICHELINI, Paola Minaccioni, Caterina Guzzanti, Giulia Bevilacqua

Cristina Comencini
directed by Paola Rota

Sixties, four women playing cards in a house. Every Thursday, for many years, come together to play a game, chat, spend the afternoon. They bring with them their little girls playing in the next room. None of them work: make the mothers, wives, have known each other a long time. One of them is pregnant with her first child. Throughout the first act and details emerge stories of parallel existences, which are interwoven with sentimental tones and comedians, the background of the existential and social issues of the '60s. The first part of the show, dominated by the theme of motherhood, culminating in the birth of a new creature.
In the second act, in 45 years, four women dressed in black arrive in dribs and drabs to another home, to attend a funeral. We understand that are those little girls who were playing in the first act in the next room. Gradually the connect one after the other mothers. Sometimes for resemblance, sometimes for absolute contrast. Unlike all of them work, they are more aware, but also so tired. Nearly two times the mirror, two different ways of being women, looking for differences and similarities in an effort to define, today as yesterday, the same female identity. Something that continues to escape, so nondescript as to be perpetually at risk; a kind of cosmic energy, tenacious madness, that it will not be disarmed, and that always rises again, unstoppable, to ensure new life.
Cristina Comencini

The comedy works on several levels, it is a perfect mechanism that alternates moments of comedy with moments of real emotion, but what strikes me most is another aspect, which is fundamental to the theater, which is fantastic, phantasmal. The protagonists of this story are women that are projected mothers, mothers who imagine how they will be their daughters, daughters who have taken, eaten and digested their mothers to make themselves autonomous women, different, opposing, and surprisingly close. These girls that we never see and their perennial yearning of growth are the soul of this comedy.
Paola Rota

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