From 19 Apr 2017 to 23 Apr 2017
Teatro Stabile del Veneto Carlo Goldoni

TONI Sartana and witches of Baghdad

The Cativìssima Chapter II

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Toni Sartana and witches of Baghdad is the second play of LA CATIVÌSSIMA, the trilogy dedicated to Toni Sartana.

After conquering thousands of spectators with its first "disastrous" adventures, the corrosive anti-hero was born from the imagination of Natalino Balasso back to inhabit the Italian stages.
If the first chapter looked at the second political shifts its distorting lens on the economy.
An original dramaturgy, fully autonomous and distinct from the episode previous to tell from a different point of view the unstoppable decay of a tragically comic companies.
New surreal adventures and unconventional, bluntly or moral qualms, involving some key characters already in the first chapter, as his wife Lea, and the friend of the family Bordin Ettore, always struggling with scandals and subterfuge, ready to play all to do anything to reach the top of the economic pyramid.
But there will also be space for new hilarious contemporary masks, an expression of an increasingly unregulated world.
Starting from the three witches of the title, whose prophecies, as in "Macbeth" by Shakespeare, are the driving force of a plot that unfolds between reversals of situations and constant twists.
And since nothing can stop hunger for success of the protagonist, Sartana will advance to more and more destinations reckless, ruinous to the final which will see him overwhelmed by enemy number one: the debt.
Using the Italian language with Balasso territorial veins, on stage in the title role, she finds the close-knit group of talented actors of the first episode, with the addition of new, talented actors.

"I think this second Cativìssima begin to unveil the overall story of this trilogy, we are on the trail of an inner descent, a ruin to the underworld, which arises from external ascended. Everything we call progress often serves to mask the loss of land under the feet of our soul; Sartana continues to climb holding on to all that is around to forget that, lost contact with the earth, we lose the ability to fly. "
Natalino Balasso

Toni Sartana, his wife Lea, a second live theatrical adventure, after the Sartana political rise in the first Cativìssima. This time the background is a company, the Munerol Jeans With Tear. After escaping to the process that saw him charged with several murders, Toni Sartana located, with his friend and rival Bordin, a gig at an agency contractor by the sinister name: San Marco kills. The comedy part of Iraq where, thanks to the random release of a hostage, Nadir Munerol, the two fellow snacks begin a climb that corporate rivals will see them again. With the usual criminal goad represented by the wicked wife, Sartana will not hesitate to spread again a long line of corpses. Sartana accompanies the supernatural from the beginning of this adventure will indeed three witches to reveal from time to time in the future and Sartana Bordin. When the steel-Lea Toni couple, arrive at the top of the economic pyramid, Sharon Bertoni, the assistant Munerol, it will prove a valuable ally on the path of lawlessness, favoring the entry of Sartana in the elite to which all aspire enriched : the sect of Magnaschei. Only the coat of Sartana for the stripper Salma Chiereghin, former host of the Miss Consortium transmission, able to mess up the cards again, putting Toni Lea and increasingly against each other, while Bordin will prove to be for the umpteenth time the worst of turncoats. But the real star of the last part of the text will be the debt that will overwhelm all the characters of comedia leading them towards an unstoppable final tourbillon.

Production: Teatro Stabile del Veneto - National Theatre
Comedy: Natalino Balasso
Scenofonia, luminismi style: Roberto Tarasco
with: Natalino Balasso
and Francesca Botti, Marta Dalla Via, Beatrice Niero

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20 April 2017 16:00
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