31 Jan 2017 Hour 21:00
Teatro a l'Avogaria

Stefano Gorno and Renato Minutolo


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A double event dedicated to the Turin comedy.

Opening the evening, "Diary of a formidable undecided" Stefano Gorno, became in his own words, vegetarian because of a jew, because atheistic of a priest. Composed as a surreal and intimate monologue, the show has no real plot; He explains it thus: "a guy in front of me has a knife in his hand, wild-eyed and asked me the money. I realized: I am about to die. Then as if by magic the knife falls. For a moment I abhor me: God exists. But then came the Chinese, the fussy and the guy of the shoe, the world is upside down and the continuing farce. I do not know if I will be alive. The only sure thing is that they are undecided. And I have too many stories to tell for a creative approach. "

Following the Live Renato Minutolo, a professor at the school of comedy Comedy Studio in Turin and member of the collective of satire "Kotiomkin" but best known for his "marital Guide to win your quarrel" where, on Facebook and in front a chessboard, reveals the male world of the unfathomable secrets of the female. A surreal monologue of a chess enthusiast, nerd and David Bowie fans who did everything to have a few friends in life and offering a rhetorical views on topical issues.

Opens every evening with his aggressive Nicholas Falcone comedy. Born in 1984, he became a lawyer and then discover that it is not his way. Now it is a precarious the Municipality of Venice, the world champion of Monopoly and the cast of "Natural Born Comedians" (Sky). He took the stage for the first time in January 2015, and this thing to publicly say bad things he liked it so much that in order to be able to still say organized this festival of stand up comedy. Recently he fertilized his girlfriend and discovered to be fertile.

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