07 Jan 2017 Hour 20:30
Teatro Stabile del Veneto Carlo Goldoni

PRAESTIGIA Magic Comedy Show

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Production: Pantakin CIRCOTEATRO
Music performed live by Master Flavio Costa

Assistant director: Arianna Moro
Elements set designers: BACCI'S EQUIPMENT and Company Pantakin
Lights: Pierpaolo Pilla
Directed by: Vito Lupo

PREAESTIGIA is an evening dedicated to the art of magic and its various forms with particular attention besides the effect of the fantastic and also marvel at the comedy game.
On stage a cast of international artists such as the Wizard Shezan that has managed to blend and create a performative personal style mixing fakirs, magic, theater and juggling. A road that led Alexandre de Bastiani in art Shezan to become European Champion of Magic by Scene in 2014. Now looking forward to participate in the World Championship of Magic IMF in 2018 in Busan in Korea, continues its international tour that has taken him to perform Gala of the most important Magic of Russia, the Golden Magic 2016, in front of an audience of over 6000 people.
The mixup company composed by Guido Marini and Isabella Zanivan combines humor, magic, cabaret and cinema, with an elegant and unique style with which won several international awards, among them we remember the Master of Magic Saint Vincent in 2012 and the prestigious Mandrake of Paris or in 2013.
They come directly from the most famous Circus of Germany RAMON HOPMAN and his partner in life and on Marlitt WERNER scene. Theatrical, comical, unpredictable, always looking for new inventions in the balance between "clowning and magic," Ramon has for several years one of the leading artists of the Roncalli Circus.
Introduce, lead and Amalga the evening the actress and performer ARIANNA MORO and the actor and presenter EMANUELE PASQUALINI accompanied on the piano by Maestro COSTA FLAVIO.
At the helm of the evening, artist and magician of success in New York, the Italian-American VITO LUPO for nearly four decades on stage and behind the scenes of the biggest show of magic in Italy and abroad. For several years special effects consultant to Disney World in the United States, director of shows such as "Mystery", which have depopulated in our capital in recent years. Today Wolf is allowed another challenge in our city where it leads Magic One the first Venetian School of Witchcraft and is presented at the Teatro Goldoni with this show that honors the decades of experience at the international level.

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Stalls: 25.00 to 20.00
1st and 2nd order: from 20.00 to 15.00
3rd and 4th order: 15,00
Under 14 all orders 12.00

Reductions valid: under 14, over 65, subscribers Teatro Goldoni, students up to 26 years
Advance sale € 2

Ticket THEATRE Carlo Goldoni - Venice
Monday to Saturday 10.00 / 13:00 to 15:00 /18.30 (excluding holidays)
Special opening 6:08 of January from 14.00 to 17.00
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