06 Jan 2017 Hour 17:00
Teatro Stabile del Veneto Carlo Goldoni


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Production: Theatre Necessary
in collaboration with Danzarte Next project - Beyond the Stage, Regione Lombardia
Thank Solares Foundation of the Arts / Theater of Crumbs

By: Mario Gumina Theatre and Necessary
With: Leonardo Adorni, Jacopo Maria Bianchini, Alessandro Mori
Directed by: Mario Gumina
Costumes: Patrizia Caggiati
scene painter Patrick Dall'Argine
stagecraft Lab TbB: Paolo Romanini
Lights: Dario Andreoli
help choreography: Fabrizio Giannini

In haggard barberie provincial remain today rectangular mirrors fogged by time and covered with a web of scratches, old creaky chairs, rusty tools, smell of grease and impatient customers in silent waiting their turn. But only half a century ago, the barber was none other than the favorite by the lords meeting. A discreet place, where freely discuss their own affairs and their ideas. And there was music, there was coffee and there were balzani anecdotes of trusted barber. The barber was, simply put, the nerve center of the country.
The main idea of ​​the show is to recreate the atmosphere of those times not too far away where the barber sang, played, was serving drinks, advised ... in a word, entertain his guests. And, of course, he was his hair and beard. In the game, the stage is nothing but the same barber, animated by the three aspiring barbers, and the audience a large waiting room. The audience all around defines the spatial boundaries and finally becomes the integral part of the same room, that is the show.
The show plays on the time of waiting. customer waiting by the barbers who deceive the time venturing into unique skill demonstrations. Also expected by the viewer, which, on balance, can only 'fear the worst'. A wait that mystifies a deeper identity crisis, because 'being barbers' means 'to have a customer' as well as 'being actors' means 'having an audience'.
Shamans and doctors, real artists of the scalp determined to cure, to the sound of lotion, any problem, barbers / proud musicians flaunt their gestural talent ... confident that the customer will come out clean and smooth, regenerated in the body and high in spirit .

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