From 24 Nov 2016 to 25 Nov 2016
Teatro Ca' Foscari

the metamorphosis


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Theatre Alkaline
the metamorphosis
Franz Kafka with David Ciani and Bojana Lazarevic

directed by Stefano Pagin
with scenery and lights Gianfranco Gallo
video and editor Francesco Zanet
stills Silvia Davanzo
supported by Cultural Association Indiana Theatre

Gregor thought of the family with affection and emotion. His conviction that he must disappear was perhaps even more perhaps stops than her sister. In all these months he had much time to think about the space and the void on the ground and had developed a personal theory: the happiness of someone requires the sacrifice of someone else; because there are the rich must necessarily exist the poor; good-looking people taking up all the space those looking repulsive; because one sit in the chair of the Main a Salesman has to run. And in the end, because someone can live someone else has to die.

Metamorphosis is one of the most important texts of the twentieth century literature. The show offers the dramatic adaptation for one actor and actress of 1915 eponymous short story by Franz Kafka. He recounted how modest "Salesman" Gregor Samsa, used a 'textile company, wakes up one morning turned into an insect. The story, which is stunning for a middle-class family in the face of an incomprehensible occurrence, touches the essence of the more intimate existential conflict of our contemporary beings.

In our edition for the theater it wanted to point a magnifying glass on the brother / sister relationship: Gregor / Grete. Amongst the many possible we have favored a reading, so to speak, the biological-social. We noticed how Gregor forfeiture allows the emancipation of the younger sister, only to be reproductive of the whole family, and therefore able to perpetuate itself and we have highlighted his struggle for the conquest of the future at the expense of his brother, sterile and particle embarrassing the Economic Consortium -social. We then exasperated the viewing angle and challenged a plot in the form of childish game, more or less consciously by the sister hatched against his brother. All the more so today, in an 'era of overpopulation, strong migrations, vecchiaie increasingly protracted, the fight for space is, every day, before our eyes, and also read through this way adapted to our times the Kafka text , albeit from his surreal corner, still he speaks to us. [Theatre Alkaline]

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Tickets can be purchased on Thursday, 24 and Friday, November 25 from 17.00 to 20.00, at the ticket office of the Teatro Ca 'Foscari a Santa Marta, Dorsoduro 2137

Full € 12
Reduced € 7
Students (universities, conservatories, academies and schools)
and associated Ca 'Foscari University Alumni € 3.50
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