08 Jan 2017 Hour 16:30
Teatro Toniolo

Masha and Bear


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Ema Events
director and choreographer Luigi Fortunato

artistic director and vocal coach Tony D'Alessio
costume designer Masha Annalisa Benedetti
official mascot Warm Up Industry
costumes dance Jasha Atelier body
virtual sets Mila Supinskaya
service audio lights Ramon Di Bartolomeo
adaptation texts songs Domenico Precious and Daniele Venturini

Margherita Rebeggiani, Giorgia Carlotta Nosella, Federica Armiento, Franco Magliocchetti
and 16 dancers / performers

Masha and Bear is the most beloved cartoon of the moment. Loosely inspired by the characters of Russian folklore, the television series follows the adventures of a little girl, Masha, and her friend, Bear. Their relationship is a metaphor of how a child can interact with the world of adults and how adults can help him in this difficult task. Masha is a restless child, who can hardly stand firm because of his inexhaustible energy. She is extremely kind to the world and treats everyone as if he knew them for centuries! Her curiosity and creativity provoke fun adventures although others are sometimes cause problems. Bear is a friendly animal whose peaceful world is turned upside down when Masha enters the scene! Although he likes life without jolts, to his surprise, he soon discovers that when Masha is not around, he misses her and looks forward to the next adventure with her. The cartoon has become a hit for families around the world.

Masha and Bear Live is the stage adaptation of the best-known animated television series. The live show has as its main goal the story, stuffed as much tenderness and a lot of sympathy, of the adventures of the little and spiteful character Masha and her great friend wise and patient, Bear. The live adventure takes the most important meaning of the story, told through metaphors of the relationship between the child and the enormous world around him. We will meet in the show so the meaning of friendship and the educational relationship between child and adult through a story that flows easily and smoothly, but especially witty, without forgetting that the message that arises is intended for a child audience.
Masha and Bear Live stems from the desire to join an established and funny story, the freshness of the live kind that knows how to be appreciated by all audiences.
As in every fairy tale there are the spells that come true thanks to digital technology that allow the characters interact on stage with virtual environments and atmospheres, with impact creations and amazing stage effects; temporal scenarios that change in real time, objects that appear from nowhere.
Luigi Fortunato

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- From 1 year to 12 years
stalls € 20.00
gallery € 15.00
- From 12 years to 100 years ...!
stalls € 18.00
gallery € 13.00

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