14 Feb 2017 Hour 21:00
Teatro a l'Avogaria

Martina Catuzzi and Elena Ascione


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Stage a comedy all female with Martina Catuzzi and Elena Ascione.

The first daughter of a theatrical and a football coach, began his training at very young realities such as the Theater of the Crumbs of Parma and the Centre mamimo Theatre of Reggio Emilia and then worked at the Zelig Lab in Rome and as a comic in the radio program RAI "Radio 2 weekend." Propose a live with the best of his repertoire full of biting sarcasm made with an irresistible mix of explicit and an image sober and pleasant language. "So we want to start Monday" it has become a monologue Elena Lia Ascione, the first woman to win the national festival of humor "Cabaret Amore Mio" of Groton, under the expert artistic direction of Enzo Iacchetti. The Turin, in fact, this summer 'took home the coveted prize come, now, to the 32nd. In the monologue that will take the stage at the Teatro Avogaria instead, you pass the word among most characters played by the same actress. The show tells the life and works of pathological optimist who looks to life forking a pair of rose-tinted spectacles, but ruled. A comic monologue for solo voice in which love, success, God's men and utopia go hand in hand to go shopping.

Opens every evening with his aggressive Nicholas Falcone comedy. Born in 1984, he became a lawyer and then discover that it is not his way. Now it is a precarious the Municipality of Venice, the world champion of Monopoly and the cast of "Natural Born Comedians" (Sky). He took the stage for the first time in January 2015, and this thing to publicly say bad things he liked it so much that in order to be able to still say organized this festival of stand up comedy. Recently he fertilized his girlfriend and discovered to be fertile.

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