26 Jan 2017 Hour 21:00
Teatro Toniolo


The comedians of Zelig at Teatro Toniolo


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Directly from Zelig MARTA AND GIANLUCA
in "Strapazzami of pampering"

In this new show, Martha and Gianluca try to understand: what, how and why love?
It will be a difficult search that will start from 'Eden of Adam and Eve up to the TV Nives and Fuffy where Martha will conduct a Quiz on the difficult female psychology and Gianluca will be the only competitor expert
Will pass from the stage of the speed date will know where dozens of desperate singles, to large cinema where they will try to become major Hollywood film actors kissing (maybe)
Martha and Gianluca will love exploring the inside of them, and will compete in a dense correspondence that will have the audience as a witness and that you confess the unspeakable
And since there is no love without sex will become impeccable conductors of the first and only Tg Eros, sex news with unlikely characters sent and eroticissimi
They will wonder when and why we fall in love and maybe the end will give you an answer ...

Of them have said:
"A cynical spectacle demented love that you touch and never focuses" New York Times
"Gianluca De Angelis plays the role of a male Male from many shades, from the many dialects and a single but intense expression" Playboy
"Marta Zoboli is a female of a few or too many words, the sensitive nature in general, rarely ruthless, very passionate" Quattroruote
Themselves say:
"A musical cabaret, because we use irony as a piano," said Gianluca who can not play.
"It makes me a laugh," said Marta, making out a photographer.
An unmissable show where improvisation is a key part of the entertainment of the crowd ... and actors.

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