11 Nov 2016 Hour 20:30
Centro Culturale Kolbe

Lectio Brevis | Satirical paintings on the Italian school

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Lectio Brevis | Satirical paintings on the Italian school
Told and played by Mauro Martello

Text: Henry Busani
Music: Mauro Martello
Director: Chiara Borgonovi

The show is based on the book "Saints, losers and vaffa" Henry Busani

lectio Brevis
The show sees on stage the flutist and composer Mauro Hammer, professor of music in an Italian school for over thirty years. The text is taken from the Holy Book, losers and vaffa (satirical paintings on the Italian school) and the writer Henry Busani letters teacher.
Hammer tells grotesque and paradoxical situations that often characterize the school life of the teenagers of our time, without neglecting the contradictory world of teachers' groups and parents.
The narrative of the text is enriched with compositions created specifically for the show and performed the flute accompanied by Mauro Hammer on stage by an orchestral base made in the studio.

Mauro Martello
She is a flutist, composer and performer Venetian.
In addition to concerts, which led him to give concerts at the international level, he is a professor of music in middle school.
He recently created the CD on the verge of being elsewhere that contains 16 original compositions.

Enrico Busani
She teaches Italian and history in a high school in Mestre (Venice). E 'has always been very involved in training activities for teachers on issues related to innovation methodology, with particular reference to the use of information technology in the teaching of the various disciplines.
As a writer he has dedicated himself to the occasional poem. Recently he began writing plays and prose.
In March 2016 he published the Saints, losers and vaffa (satirical paintings on the Italian school), which was made into the play Lectio Brevis.

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