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One of the great classics of the twentieth century literature that focuses on the existential conflict that resides in humans outside the permitted eras and places.

Al Teatro a l'Avogaria Venice scene is 'The Metamorphosis' of the company Teatro Alkaline directed by Stefano Pagin with David Ciani and Bojana Lazarevic.

The show offers the dramatic adaptation for one actor and actress of 1915 eponymous short story by Franz Kafka. He recounted how modest "Salesman" Gregor Samsa, used a 'textile company, wakes up one morning turned into an insect. The story, which is stunning for a middle-class family in the face of an incomprehensible occurrence, touches the most intimate essence of contemporary man's existential conflict.

In this theatrical adaptation it has wanted to focus a magnifying glass on the relationship between brother and sister: Gregor / Grete. Favoring a reading, so to speak, biological and social, which shows that the Gregor forfeiture allows the emancipation of the younger sister, only to be reproductive of the whole family, so capable of replication wholesomely at the expense of his brother, sterile and embarrassing particle socio-economic consortium. The show holds a plot in the form of childish game, more or less consciously hatched by her sister against brother. All the more so today, in an 'era of overpopulation, strong migrations, vecchiaie increasingly protracted, the fight for space is, every day, before our eyes, and also read through this way adapted to our times the Kafka text , albeit from his surreal corner, still he speaks to us.

The company Teatro Alkaline founded in December 2015 by the union of the Serbian actress Bojana Lazarevic, the Friuli actor David Ciani and the Venetian director Stefano Pagin. The actors are formed inside the Venetian theatrical reality of the Teatro a l'Avogaria and start their professional experience meeting the leadership of the director Stefano Pagin. The artistic training refines its synergy collaborating in several productions in 2014 and decided to create his own identity debuting with a bold plan: to bring to the stage a big name like Kafka and his "Metamorphosis

The Association Teatro a l'Avogaria, was founded in 1969 by the passion and tenacity of John Poli, founder of Teatro Ca 'Foscari University of Venice, and the beginning arises as a research laboratory that combines a theatrical improvisation method, either Commedia dell'Arte and the garde theories. In more than forty years of activity it has produced over sixty shows including "Comedy of Zanni" represented successfully on major international stages. Recognized as one of the vocational training centers of reference in the Triveneto, annually organizes courses, dedicated to enthusiasts and professionals, on disciplines such as acting, Commedia dell'Arte, diction, history of theater, singing, interpretation technique.

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