From 17 Nov 2016 to 20 Nov 2016
Teatro Stabile del Veneto Carlo Goldoni

The innkeeper

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The tradition is interwoven and blends with modernity in the masterpiece of Carlo Goldoni's "La Locandiera".
At the end of 1752, almost at the end of the collaboration with the Venetian Teatro Sant'Angelo and the company of actor-Girolamo Medebach, Carlo Goldoni composed his most famous work, a comedy in which money is the Leitmotiv that animates the whole story , obsession and torment the characters represented.
We are in Florence (perhaps to avoid the public suspicious and censorship of the Serenissima), at an inn, whose owner, Mirandolina, receives continuous amorous overtures from two customers aristocrats, the Marquis of Forlipopoli and the Earl of Albafiorita; oblivious of customers' cravings, Mirandolina focuses all its attention on the misogynistic Knight of Ripafratta, determined to make it capitulate, indispettendo so Fabrizio, waiter of the inn, in love, in turn, of the owner. Complicating and flavor the story helps the arrival of two comedians, Ortensia and Dejanira, who, posing as ladies, trying to cheat the noble guests of the inn.
Stripped of lace and quirks, the story told by Goldoni offers us a picture of the company very lively contemporary to him by tensions and claims, in which the decay of the old ruling class, now reduced to helpless parasite, it collides with the dynamism of that middle class that in a few years would have shaken the established order and gave new direction to history.
Freed from all pretense of naturalism, and definitely more time to a summary of the contents, the staging devised by Walter Le Moli streamlines the characterization "vintage" of the text and works up to bring out the more social aspects and policies through which every aspect of the play (and in particular the characters, Mirandolina in particular) assumes a role more universal and less relegated to the historical context of eighteenth-century Venice. Goldoni In this light appears in all its playwright awareness beyond that of man of his time, capable of critical consciousness and lucidity in depicting the relationship between the characters of his (and our) world. Very current, the play opens a door on the supremacy of money in the modern world, and the consequences of this power balance of the social classes, as well as personal and sentimental universe. In this sense Mirandolina, chameleon-like performer social tensions curiously gatherings in his inn, is a character who acts as an expert chess player, able to take full advantage in a situation spiny traits, certainly entertaining, that changes in every moment.

Author:   Carlo Goldoni
With: Cristina Cattelani, Laura Cleri, Paola De Crescenzo, Sergio Filippa, Luca Nucera, Massimiliano Sbarsi, Nanni Tormen, Emanuele Vezzoli
Costumes and stage space: Gianluca Falaschi
Lights: Claudio Coloretti
Director: Walter Le Moli

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17 November 2016 20:30
18 November 2016 20:30
19 November 2016 19:00
20 November 2016 16:00

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