From 04 Feb 2017 to 05 Feb 2017
Teatro a l'Avogaria

'The idiot' and 'Bellavita'

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The play by Luigi Pirandello arrives at the Teatro a l'Avogaria. At the historic theater in Venice to TeatroGhiotto company presents 'The idiot' and 'Bellavita' two one-act plays directed by Roberta Borghi, taken from stories written by the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1921 and 1926 respectively.

In the first place it comes to politics, newspapers and lack of scruples, themes still relevant today. The manager and owner of the newspaper 'La Vedetta'é willing to do anything to kill their political opponents. It defines a public fool his editor who committed suicide, with the consideration that before killing could have made his gesture useful assassinating a political opponent. To hear an acquaintance Luca Fazio also sentenced by a deadly disease last stage. The meeting between the two will end with an unexpected end. An extraordinary provincial of Italy split era steeped in irrational partitocratico fervor that will lead our country to a dark future. Pirandello touches the conflict between illusion and reality, courage and denial of what 'that is present before our eyes, gaining a vis typical of contemporary theater controversy.

In the second we find a silent and conniving ménage à trois, revolutionized by the death of the lady with in the middle an uncertain paternity. Taken from the novel "The shadow of remorse," starring Bellavita who was a husband complacent in a love triangle with his wife and Denora notary, who among other things is considered the father of the one of the woman's son. Once it's dead, Bellavita rejects the other's request to take the child with him, pretending instead of keeping Denora tied to him in memory of the disappeared. An original leitmotiv Pirandello binds the two acts of past and present.

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