09 May 2017 Hour 21:00
Teatro a l'Avogaria

Giuseppe Sapienza and Giorgio Magri


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The review concludes with a double date.

Opening the live Giuseppe Sapienza who will present to the public the best of his repertoire strongly autobiographical and self-deprecating teasing some of the clichés of contemporary society.
Next, "The flat touch: death, racism and other amenities" George Magri, Milan comedian who calls himself the first insult comedian Italian. His approach and his caustic black humor ruthless lead on a journey, using a hyperbolic language, the fore the concept of politically correct to laugh without forcing filters and censorship on the most sensitive issues.

Opens every evening with his aggressive Nicholas Falcone comedy. Born in 1984, he became a lawyer and then discover that it is not his way. Now it is a precarious the Municipality of Venice, the world champion of Monopoly and the cast of "Natural Born Comedians" (Sky). He took the stage for the first time in January 2015, and this thing to publicly say bad things he liked it so much that in order to be able to still say organized this festival of stand up comedy. Recently he fertilized his girlfriend and discovered to be fertile.

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