04 Nov 2016 Hour 20:00

Giacomo Buso Vernissage + Emanuela Bello Bodypainting


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GIACOMO BUSO Vernissage + EMANUELA BEAUTIFUL Live bodypainting
(To follow I Camillas in Vernissage)

Evening dedicated to the art collective Treviso D'ARTEfattii with the inauguration of the exhibition of James Buso (illustrator) and performance of live bodypainting by Emanuela Bello (tautatrice and illustrator) which will open the Vernissage (already seen in action at Sounds brand, personally guaranteed!)

On Artifacts: it is a diverse collective of visual artists who have decided to pool interests and desire to do to promote youth talent.
The exhibition breaks formulas adopted and deviates from the classical conception of "art exhibit" Front, by installing their own exhibitions in unconventional contexts but also is not static: the art merges with the public, the observer he finds himself surrounded and hopelessly involved creating a closer relationship between the work and the public.

The exhibition will be stable at Flat throughout the month of November.

Participation in the vernissage is reserved to invited members, to submit a request for accreditation, please refer to the link:

Thank you!

Flat association was founded in 2009 by a collective of artists, organizers and technicians active in the cultural and social spheres.
In these seven years Flat has produced concerts, exhibitions, courses, theater workshops and performing arts, working closely with local associations.
Structured to accommodate the activities of associations and informal groups, Flat Association knockout phase of the Territory through small quality productions that take place at the ViaTorino133 parlor.
The head office is located in an office building, the first floor with elevator and it is a healthy, friendly, safe and familiar; reserved for members only.

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