08 Jan 2017 Hour 17:00
Teatro Stabile del Veneto Carlo Goldoni

FRAGILE duopoeticomico

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Production: Pantakin CIRCUS THEATRE - Italy, Compagnie AD HOC - France
with the support of ESPACE CATASTROPHE Centre International de Création des Artes du Cirque-Belgium

original music performed live by Master Flavio Costa

Costumes: Licia Lucchese
With: Benoit Roland, Emanuele Pasqualini
Director: Ted Keijser

FRAGILE a history of boxes. No more stories! We just want to play with boxes! cardboard boxes, small, large, flat, swollen, in short, all kinds of boxes.
Our job is to put into play, play to discover, to amaze, to keep and bring back to the public this amazement. When we decided to create the show around, to packing and cardboard boxes, to man's relationship with a material, I came to my mind silent films of the beginning of the twentieth century.
At the time of Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel and Hardy and the emotions the characters' adventures were told through action, there was still the sound and the musical accompaniment was performed live. So we tried to create a show made up of small wonders and human relations marked by live music performed by Master Flavio Costa.
We filled the stage with a sea of ​​boxes and space, inhabited by two distraught characters, became a shipping firm with an iron logistics, in a hospital with an operating room, in a kaleidoscopic restaurant, in a kennel with the dogs square, in a Pirandello theater with boxes looking to shipment, in a Chinese aquarium, in a circus under water and much more. The boxes took us to all these places and so we decided to also bring you, dear viewers: to have fun and to entertain, because it's a nice surprise together, to an amazement that makes tenderness.
Ted Keijser

With this new production Pantakin continues its journey into the world of the circus theater with a visual show and without text, with a look at the European market thanks to the valuable collaboration with: the Compagnie AD HOC active in France and the support of the Center for Training and Production ESPACE CATASTROPHE of Circus Arts in Brussels and the Association HANGING LOADS of Padua. After work in residence in Brussels and Padua the show debuted officially at the Festival Mirabilia Fossano of 2014, and thanks to the collaboration between the two companies the show is promoted and replicated with success both in Italy and in France.

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